Monday, April 16, 2007

Sleeping children, quick blog!

Wow, I actually have two hands free to blog while both of my daughters are asleep in their beds. Let's see how much I can dump from my brain!

We had a great weekend. The highlight of perhaps the whole year was the Dan Zanes concert on Saturday. We had fourth row tickets and ended up spending most of the show standing right in front of the stage. I think I was in heaven. Oh, wait, I mean I think Iris really enjoyed it! Is it a little weird that I have such a crush on Dan Zanes? It was a great show. They played all of our favorites and had a ton of energy on-stage. At the beginning the band all marched in from the back of the auditorium and at the end they walked back out the same way. They walked right in front of Iris and I and I got to shake Father Goose's hand. Sigh. It was too much fun! I really think most of the parents in attendance enjoyed the show just as much as the children did.

On Sunday night we got to re-connect with some friends who have a daughter who just turned two. We enjoy their company alot, but we're all very busy so it's hard to get together as much as we would like to. I drank way too much wine (meaning a glass and a half) on an empty stomach so I spent most of the night shovelling in food to keep from being too drunk! Wow, I really am a "cheap date" as Matt likes to say.

Iris is still going strong on the potty training front. She is going on the potty more often than not, though we usually are asking her if she needs to go and leading her towards the toilet. Last night she even got up to pee in the middle of the night, which is a good sign even though it's annoying for Matt to have to get up with her. Iris has also been having some nightmares, which is strange. A couple of night in the last few she's woken up crying hysterically saying she is "scarey" which means she is scared. Matt has been the one to comfort her, but he says that she is barely awake and just needed to be calmed down so she could go back to sleep. It always wakes me up to hear her crying, though. I feel so bad for her.

Eloise has still been sleeping for shit, but I think it's because she really and truly is on the verge of crawling. She's getting up on all fours but our lack of carpeting is making it hard for her to get any traction. She gets so frustrated, but it's cute, too, watching her struggle to crawl. The girl's got tenacity!

I have really enjoyed having the mother's helper here a few hours a week. I've been using the time to catch up on chores so that on the nights and weekend there is less to do. I've also been going to yoga on Sundays, which I really love. I would go to yoga every day if I could! I wish I had the discipline to practice at home, but alas, I still don't.

Whew! I got it all out before anyone woke up!


  1. Awesome! SO glad you had a moment to blog! And so jealous about the Dan Zanes concert!


  2. It sounds like you have been so busy! I wish I could find a yoga class near me. Like you, I just can't get to doing it at home. It's really not the same though-- I like the group.

    Can I ask you what Iris' middle name is? I just love your girls' names and we're looking for names for our next one...


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