Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Washable paint my ass

Anyone know why washable paint isn't, well, washable? A couple of weeks ago I threw a towel with washable paint on it in the laundry and you want to know what happened? I dyed a bunch of stuff pink. Last night Iris and the babysitter painted and I neglected to tell her to remove Iris' pretty new dress. I threw it in the wash and gee, there's still paint on it! I'm so mad. Trying some new tricks to remove the paint.

Any suggestions?


  1. some pervert is going to come along and say, "Washable paint your ass? No problem!" hahahahahhahahaha

    My only suggestion is OxiClean - love the spray and I just heard if you soak the dyed stuff in OxiClean powder & warm water that it will come out.

    I hope you get it out.

  2. Yeah, washable is kind of a loose term. I think it means it's washable IF you wash it out right away.

    I would second the Oxyclean suggestion. I love that stuff.

  3. I always use Clorox 2, and it takes most stuff out if you apply right away and keep the soiled area wet. I hand scrub and then toss into the wash. It may not help now, but maybe next time.

  4. Totally laughing at the first comment here... ha!

    No suggestions for you- sorry!

    I’ve got another photo tag going on, and this time two participants will win a prize package! Get real- Bloggers Without Makeup!

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