Monday, May 28, 2007


I am not a clumsy person. Really, I'm not. I rarely drop things or trip. I have been known to juggle an amazing amount of things in my arms at any given time.

But I have this knack for dropping very expensive electronics in water. Let me explain. Last year around spring/winter-ish time, I think (I have a bad sense of timing) I drooped my cell phone in the bath tub. Last summer I dropped my digital camera in the Puget Sound. Last night I dropped our iPod in a pan of water. Let me first say that the day each of these pieces of very expensive electronics were dropped by me was the time they landed in water. I get the cell phone, I shouldn't have been playing poker on my phone while sitting on the edge of the bath tub. I sort of get the camera, I shouldn't have been trying to snap photos of Iris frolicking in the Sound without a better grasp on it. But I don't get the iPod. I was leaning over the counter to plug it in and dropped it directly in a tiny pan full of water. What the hell?

So, I'm banned. I did completely ruin the first two pieces of very expensive electronics. The iPod was off when I dropped it and we'll wait a couple of days before trying to turn it on and discovering the extent of the damage. That sound you hear is me whacking my hand against my forehead.

Might I add if I did send the iPod to an early demise, it would be a while before we could afford to replace it. You see, last night we spent approximately the cost of our entire life's savings on new cords for our fancy new LCD television. I won't say exactly how much they cost, as it is truly embarrassing, but I will say that the cords connecting our DVD player to our television cost about three times what we paid for the actual DVD player. Sigh.


  1. omg, I dropped my cell phone in a big pot of water in the sink during the first week that I had it. I got so lucky though, it worked- didn't seem to have any damage!

    I am such a klutz though, seriously... :o)

  2. p.s. How did your DP talk you in to the LCD???? Ben's going to be sooooo jealous!!!

  3. Thanks Jen :)

    Matt has wanted one for a while and we used tax return money for it. He made a nice post about it on our other blog, shall I send you an invite?

  4. You don't need to tell me how much those cords cost, I know! We have a 52" plasma (not my choice!!). We had a smaller one but sold it w/the old house so of course we had to replace it w/something bigger and I didn't find out how much all that cable cost until we installed this one. I almost died.

    But yay for cool TV's AND another plus is you won't drop it into a small body of water. Hopefully. If you manage that, then this skill of yours is just impressive :) Maybe those product replacement plans is a good investment.

    And what's this other sneaky blog about?

  5. Yeah, I have a bad habit of dropping cell phones and breaking them. Oh, and killing laptop cords and where they plug into the motherboard. My hubby is getting tired of it! LOL!


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