Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Earn it to spend it

So I've recently gone overboard in selling the girl's unused or outgrown stuff. I've dabbled in E-Bay, craigslist and selling to mamas I know from message boards. It's been pretty lucrative, and by lucrative I mean everything I have sold has allowed me to purchase the cutest and most fun things I can find on the internet. Like headbands. And crocheted hats. And felt play food. And my favorite line of Gymboree clothes. And little zippered pouches. My only rule is that all of my fun spending has to come from my paypal account and the money only gets in to the account from something I've sold.

I'm not sure how long I can keep this pace up-- I mean, there really is only so much stuff in this apartment to sell! I think Matt was a little suspicious of all of the package comings and goings, but as long as my hobby isn't making a dent in the budget, then he's cool with it.


  1. haha! i love your description of these transactions! it's fun eh? i find that i look forward to isa moving to the next size 'cause that means i can sell some old stuff for new cuteness! and your comment about matt's suspicion... yep, know that bit too. "but it's not coming out of the checking account, i swear!"

  2. You inspired me to get my a** moving and do the same.

    (but next week) :)

    I'm curious which Gymboree line is your favorite?

  3. It's the Hide and Seek line from Fall of 2005. Love, love, LOVE it!

  4. The Trading Post is sooo addictive. I definitely know what you mean about selling just to buy. I'm keeping my eyes open for Robeez booties for this coming winter!

  5. I do the same thing. My addiction is Mama Barter. A Yahoo Group. I don't spend any money usually...

    I went throught the Ebay phase, but ran out of things to buy that we NEEDED, and money too!

    I have lots of stuff upstairs that I could sell, but no motivation. Maybe one day soon. LOL!


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