Sunday, May 27, 2007

Healthier eating

Recently I read a great post over at The Falcon's Nest about how to incorporate healthier foods in to a picky eater's diet. Even though I actually have a degree in nutrition I struggle just like everyone else does about how to incorporate healthy changes. We've been taking baby steps here, though, and that's exciting. I thought I would highlight a few changes, much like Kim did on her blog, in case it can inspire anyone else.

I try to buy as much organic produce (and other things) as I can, within reason. If an item is a lot less expensive in the non-organic version, I tend to buy that, instead. There are a few exceptions to that, of course (like I only buy organic milk for Iris) but by and large I'm not going to put us in debt over every little thing needing to be organic.

*I have switched our rice to organic brown basmati rice. Matt grumbles about this change, but it is much better for us. We get it in 10 pound bags at Costco and it comes out to about a dollar a pound, I believe. Iris eats alot of rice, as well, so I feel better knowing she's getting more nutrition in there.

*I am starting to try and buy healthier versions of favorite treats. For instance, Iris LOVES popsicles. I try to pick out the whole fruit kind if I can (and she's not next to me throwing a royal tantrum over wanting the ones with Dora on the box!). Likewise we have discovered that Recharge is even yummier than Gatorade and you can get it on sale for even cheaper. Recharge doesn't have any crap in it and some flavors are organic.

*Switching over some of the crackers we eat to those without high fructose corn syrup or weird chemical ingredients.

*Buying and eating organic/free-range meats when at all possible and switching some protein sources to organic beans and meat-free foods like seitan or soy hot dogs or sausage patties.

*Whole grain breads, which is another thing Matt grumbles about but I refuse to give up on.

*Eliminating foods with MSG in them. Well, all but one. And that one would be Tositos Hint of Lime chips, which Matt might actually keel over and die without. Yes, they are really, really good. I read all of the labels and have found that most canned soups have MSG in them as well as random other things. I had no idea! I like to keep canned soup in the house for those times when I don't have the time or energy to make anything else for lunch.

*We eat salads with almost every dinner.

*I try to buy healthier snacks for Matt. He LOVES snacks. He would exist on beer and snacks if he could! I try to buy nuts and rice crackers and just don't keep other things in the house. Of course, he still comes home with Flamin' Hot Cheetos once in a while, but we all have our vices, right? I think mine is ice cream! I tend to be the one to polish off a whole container.

Overall we're making positive changes, I think. I believe it's very important to model good eating for our children and I think we're doing a good job of it. Even though Iris doesn't eat a whole lot of vegetables, she still sees Matt and I eat salads most days, for instance. We can only be as healthy as what we put in to our bodies and I think we owe it to ourselves to treat our bodies well.


  1. Great job! We've been adding salads to every meal as well. We would be so much healthier if it wasn't for Sloth, he's the hold up but has given in to many changes mainly b/c he'd kill himself before going into a grocery store. I buy, I pick it out. I found a good whole wheat bread w/out any garbage in it like corn syrup or sugar from Trader Joes. We can't do soy so we're stuck w/a lot of meat but I do try to stick to all natural meats. Oh what I wanted to say was I've bought a juicer and squeeze my own oranges and freeze them in those plastic things for popsicles. Straight orange juice. Although it takes a lot of oranges which can be $$ and with 2 kids I'm not sure how practicle of a time investment that would be for you.

  2. Great post:) I loved all of your ideas!! I have to agree with you, though, on the Hint of Lime chips...I LOVE can't be perfect all of the time! As neurotic as I am about healthy eating, I do allow myself some treats...and I may have to now run out to buy me some tostitos!!

  3. Great post. We've been working on eating healthier as well. We became vegetarian and switched to rice milk, and organic products when we can afford it.


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