Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nine months!

Today Eloise turns nine months old. Wowzers! Every month I just shake my head and think really?!?! She's really THAT old? Wow.

She had her nine month well-baby visit today and now weighs 21 lbs 4 oz (up from 8 lbs 2 oz at birth) and her height is 29" (up from 21 3/4" at birth). She's still a big girl!

Let's see, the cuteness factor has sky-rocketed this past month. She has learned to clap, which she finds beyond amazing. She can pull up to standing on things. She can crawl, but prefers to do the "wounded soldier" which is pulling herself across the floor with one arm, the other tucked in front of her. She gets places pretty quickly with this method since we have hardwood floors. Eloise did, however, figure out crawling when she's not on slippery surfaces. She can get from lying on her tummy back up to sitting, which is very useful, as well! When sleeping she has taken to lying on her tummy which has more than doubled the length of most of her naps and cut down on the number of night wakings, so that's been a pretty exciting development for me!

ETA: I wanted also to mention how uninterested Eloise seems to be in food. This is hard for Matt and I to wrap our heads around because Iris was always a voracious eater. We have introdced all sorts of different foods in all sorts of different forms, but most of it is pretty much ignored or spit back out. She could eat veggie booty, o's and graham crackers all day long, but that's about it. I am so thankful that she still nurses so much, as I know that she will be getting her nutritional needs met that way. I have to keep reminding myself that solids in the first year are more for experimenation and exploration and breastmilk is still the primary source of nutrition, but I still get a little panicky at the thought of having a toddler who won't eat many foods. Eloise is growing and developing so wonderfully, of course, so there is nothing to be worried about there!

Matt was just lamenting today about what we're going to do when Eloise is too little to cuddle anymore. Who will we cuddle then? With Iris it is a very rare occasion that we get to cuddle her. Today, for instance, she decided she wanted me to carry her and I was thrilled-- thrilled!-- because I got to cuddle her and talk to her and we had such a nice time this way.

We're looking forward to the summer and to the big milestone of walking. I think she'll do it at least as early as Iris did (11 months) which would be really nice. We'll be back in WI and MI for four weeks this summer and it would be nice to have her walking by then! We'll see.


  1. Nine months! Wow!
    It seems like just yesterday...

  2. When you're around here in the summer I'd LOVE to meet up if it were possible!! (If you pass through Indiana on your way!)

    I just can not believe she's 1 already!


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  3. The belly sleeping is a neat development...glad you are both getting a little more rest from it. Never a bad thing.

    She is such a beautiful girl. Congrats on surviving being a mama of 2 for 9 whole months! :)

  4. Happy 9 months! I can't believe it! That picture is gorgeous too!

    Can't wait to see you this summer! Keep me posted.

  5. What a face! She is a cutie.

    I'm so glad things seem to be going well for you guys. The belly sleeping is awesome, isn't it?

  6. I don't think Eloise is that terrible of an eater, she's just really, really inconsistent. M-S is home with her a lot more than me though.


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