Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oh, how I love Trader Joe's!

We hardly ever go to Trader Joe's. I would go more often if I could buy everything I need there, but grocery shopping with two children is a bit stressful, at best. But today I planned for a TJ's trip and we got a whole cart load of food, with many extras and treats, for under $100. I am also that mama who bought a tiny container of watermelon spears (yes, they are called spears!) because, well, they were sampling them and the girls and I liked them and, well, I'm really very lazy. I have to buy my watermelon cut in to spears for me. Sigh. But it was delicious! Our first watermelon of the summer! The people who work there always seem so friendly, too. Which is interesting, because when I worked (briefly) at a TJ's I thought the people I worked with were kind of a-holes, for the most part, but when I'm there shopping, everyone's nice! I even scored the closest parking spot in the crappy parking lot, so all in all, a wonderful trip.

I have decided one of my criteria for the city we move to is that it must have a TJ's. I need to do some research!

It's been so gorgeous outside this week. Upper 60's to low 70's, so just nice enough to wear t-shirts and skirts. My newest favorite thing is skirts. Have you heard? They are beyond comfy. I hated them when I was pregnant and I just realized it was because I was so much heavier than I am now and I hated the whole thighs rubbing together thing. Apparently giving birth solved that problem! Okay, you all probably didn't need to know that! The girls and I walked to the grocery store yesterday, which is a pretty good work-out for me since I carry Eloise in the back pack and push Iris in the stroller and it's about a 20 block round trip walk. I got creative in the afternoon and moved Iris' table out on to the tiny strip of walkway outside our door and I put a baby bath on it, filled with some water. We played with toys in the water and drew pictures in chalk on the cement. It was great to be outside, even if we were confined to a eensy weensy chunk of cement! I am so glad this is going to be our last summer in this apartment. I can not wait for a yard. A real, live yard. With grass and flowers and all of that crazy stuff.


  1. So cool! I have never been to Trader Joe's (yes, I know. so sad.) The closest one is a half hour away. But I will have to make a visit there I think, with everything I've heard about it (someone else I know calls it the "poor man's Whole Foods").

    I'm glad you had a good shopping trip!

  2. I love TJ's too but we don't have one close enough... hopefully soon! And skirts- they are for me. I don't do shorts, but I live in skirts! I got a few of these from Target and they are my new best friend.


  3. haha - I just emailed you and signed off with "waiting for a post" and here one is! :)

    We have a TJs. (madison) Love it.

    Your time outside sounds like fun yesterday. I should bring some water out for miss bubles to play in later...good idea!

  4. Seriously I was not so sure about the idea of moving to B'Ham till I heard that they were building a TJs. All I need is a WFs and then my life will be complete. There is a co-op but they make WFs seem cheap!

    Fun that you are making a little fun place for your brood this summer. It will be nice to have grass!


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