Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Date night!

Matt and I went on our second date since Eloise was born. We had alot of fun! Our friend Julia came over with her daughter to watch the girls. This ended up being a great thing, because Iris and her little girl are such good friends but they don't get to see each other very often. Eloise actually did really well! And by really well I mean she didn't whittle Julia down with incessant screaming.

Matt and I went to a private party for a charity thing. There was an open bar and yummy snacks. I drank TWO drinks-- yowzers! It's like I'm going crazy! We got our picture taken, too. That was about it. We were still pretty hungry so we went out for Thai food, our favorite, and chatted. I feel like the two of us, without children, is just lifetimes ago. We are definitely in the rut of being co-parents and not as in touch as partners. We try, I think, and we want to be more in tune with each other, we just are very attached to our girls and have alot on our plates. I think knowing that it's not forever, just for right now, and luckily we're on the same page about where we're at. But it was nice, for two hours, to have just the two of us and act like adults. Matt kept introducing me as his wife so I had to remind him that, ahem, my finger is still bare of one important rock, mister! The nerve! Just kidding. I didn't mind. It was cute :)


  1. I feel ya! We really need to go on dates more often. It's just been hard with moving this past year and not knowing anyone to babysit, etc... And then when we do go out w/o kids I almost don't know how to "carry" myself without all the distractions and cling-ons. We did go out a couple weeks ago for our Anniversary, but we definitely need to do it more often!

    No ring? That boy better get on the stick and go get one. LOL!

    It really does help when both parents are on the same page about parenting. I've had friends whose husbands nagged them to leave the kids alot and it cause problems. AP doesn't work when you're both not on board with it. Good for you guys!!

  2. We're in the same boat, very much co-parents. It's hard when you're madly in love with your kids. We need more date nights, yours sounds wonderful. And thai, yumm my favorite. We need to double next time :)

    Yeah quick to say wife but not quick to get that rock ;)


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