Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I'm a returner

I am curious if anyone else is with me on this. I'm a returner. At any given time I have items around my home that are just waiting to be returned to the store. I often buy impulsively, which results in over-buying of items we don't need, or I will buy several things so I can choose what I like the best, knowing I will later return most of them. For instance, tonight I went shopping for stuff for the girls and I to wear to a wedding. I bought three dresses for myself. And three pairs of shoes for Iris. And two pairs of shoes for Eloise. Everything is going back but one dress and one pair of shoes. I had to get them all home to decide what to keep.

Recently I went on a returning spree to get back some money to help out when our fridge died and we lost most of our food. I had bought quite a few things we didn't need and I was very proud of myself to returning all of the items that I had wasted our money on in the first place.

One thing I'm not is a an asshole returner. You know the type, the ones who try to return stuff they've clearly used, or try to get money back for stuff they don't have the receipt for, etc etc. Like a good little girl, I save all of my receipts and I keep the tags on stuff until we decide to use it.

Part of me also just likes buying. I like going in to a store and picking out cute stuff for the girls, for example, but then I get home and think, hmmm, we really didn't need this. In that sense, buying and returning is like a bit of a hobby for me! Ha ha.

Anyways, I really am curious if I am alone in this compulsion or not. Let me know!


  1. I the exact same way! And I am an honest returner, too- I do this with clothes and kitchen things and pretty much everything! I have to try it on at home (and often how can I manage trying on anything in a stall with my 3 kids!?) I am so happy we have the freedom to return!


  2. Haha, this post cracked me up. I am just realizing that I have the power to return.

  3. Me too! Especially with clothes-if I can't decide or don't have time to try it on, I'll usually buy it and then return it later if it doesn't work.

    Returning is also a good response to buyer's remorse, I've found.

  4. I'm the same way but I've gotten better. One thing I do now is that if I feel I "need" to have something I wait ten days. Then if I still feel I need it I buy it, but most of the time I realize I never "needed" it at all.

  5. I usually have a sack of things in my car to return because I hate shopping. I only go once every few weeks and it's much easier to find the time to return things (at my leisure) rather than have to go back to get something in a special trip.

    Also, I prefer to try things on at home unless it's a big shopping trip as it's easier to match things and decide later.


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