Thursday, June 14, 2007

More fun!

This morning I took Iris in for her three year well child visit. It was a great visit and Iris is healthy as can be and waaaay off the charts for her height and weight, although we already knew that!

After the appointment we went to Greenlake Park for a NINO meeting. We got there pretty late, but the leader, Jasmine, had just arrived, as well. No one else was there so we spent the whole time hanging out and our daughters ran around together and had lots of fun playing on the jungle gym together. I also ran in to Karen, who was the student midwife at Iris's birth. I hadn't seen her since Iris was a tiny newborn so it was really cool to chat with her again. She has two sons, her older one just turned five and he and Iris and Jasmine's daughter all ended up playing a little together, which I thought was cool since they ranged in age from just over two to just over five. Karen actually lives fairly close to me and neither of us is at Greenlake Park very often, so it was very random that we ran in to each other there. We're going to try and meet up again some time at our favorite park closer to home. Hopefully we will see Jasmine and her daughter again soon, too!

All in all, a very fun morning. Eloise doesn't nap when we're out and about so of course she crashed hard as soon as we got home. She enjoys playing at the park, as well, so I don't feel too bad about pushing out her nap so late so that everyone can play and get some fresh air. I must say that I love Seattle's early summer weather! It was sprinkling and cloudy early this morning and was cool enough at the park that we were wearing pants, long sleeve shirts and jackets. I'm such a wuss about hot weather, so this works well for me!

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