Sunday, June 24, 2007

She finally figured it out

So we live in an apartment. We have no yard, so every time we want to play outside we go to the park or occasionally to a friend's house to play in their yard. I dream every single day of living somewhere where we can have our very own yard to frolic in and invite friends over to, but alas, we're still working on it.

Iris never seemed to notice that this is our life. She has lived here since she was born, so it probably never really occurred to her the differences between her home and her friend's homes. Well, until now, that is. One of her closest friends has a cool little play area in her backyard. A play house and a play structure with a slide. They call it "Emma Land".

Well, the other day Iris was playing with her friend in Emma Land and the next day she and I were talking about it while out on a walk. She said the her friend had a yard and was telling me about all of the things to do in her yard. And then she said "mama, and I don't have a yard." Oh, I almost started crying. Seriously. I so want a yard for these girls to play in. More than anything else I want in a home is a yard. Sigh. We're getting there. We're in negotiations, actually, Matt and I.


  1. Oh wow, that brought tears to my eyes, too! I want you to have a yard, too!


  2. It's so cute to see those "light-bulb" moments in kids eyes when they figure something out.

  3. We all want to have yards, and then when you do get one they won't want to go out there, because it's too hot, or they're bored or they want to have a friend come over to play with! It's always something. BUT, I hope you get a yard soon, that was sad.

  4. I hope you get the yard you want soon. If it makes you feel better in the meantime, at least there's no mowing or mosquitoes.

  5. I completely relate. Completely. We're looking for apartments in LA right now and we'll be lucky to find one with a patio, much less a yard. It's really depressing. Hopefully in a couple years...


  6. I feel the same way. We have worked so hard this past year to pay off all our debt (almost debt free, yay!) so that we could get a house. We finally reached a point where we could start looking and yesterday we found a great house, but with no yard. I said no. Having a yard is a priority for me.


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