Saturday, June 02, 2007

So much to say

There have been all sorts of exciting things going on around here. I'll start with an anniversary-- the end of May marked my one year anniversary of quitting my job in medical records so I could stay home full time with my daughters. It's been a roller coaster of a year, but every single day I am so grateful that I can be home with them. I secretly don't ever want to go back to work, but I suppose I'll have to some day. I think my true calling is in family administration. Maybe I can go to work for another family once my own children are grown? Hmmmm. Matt and I both feel like it's important to have one parent home with our girls and we also feel so lucky that we can make that happen. Even though it seems at times like it would have been nice to have been more "settled" in life before our girls were born, I do think that being at this place gives us a little freedom and helps us be able to go with the flow in terms of our family's needs.

Last night Iris decided to play doctor with Eloise. Apparently, to Iris, playing doctor in involves gathering the pieces of her animal train and pressing them in to various parts of her sister's body. Legs working? Check. Shoulders? Check. She loaded up her doctor gear in her purse and proceeded to examine Eloise for quite a while before Eloise was tired of the game. It was very cute.

This week we went to the zoo twice! It was alot of fun, albeit busy. There are so many freakin' school groups at the zoo this time of year, but luckily we have a membership and are there so often that I don't get too stressed about not seeing much or moving slowly. The main thing we have to do every time is hit the carousel. Iris LOVES the carousel and she has graduated from the stationary horses to the ones that move up and down.

Lastly, today was the opening day of kickball for Matt's kickball team. The girls and I went out to support him and the team and it was alot of fun. Later today we'll be going to a party and will visit with lots of other children and friends. Ah, summer has arrived!


  1. You've been tagged!!

  2. We feel the same way about one parent staying home. Sometimes I wish it were DH. :)

    Fun about your DP and kickball! DH and I played at our old company once. It was like old times.


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