Monday, June 18, 2007


Well, Iris's third birthday was pretty exciting, but not exactly in a good way. I did not want to get out of bed this morning, as Miss Eloise has had two really terrible nights of sleep due to being sick. So, out of bed I rolled, but I was super excited to see my birthday girl! We gave her her presents, which she was thrilled about. She got a Color Wonder book and markers, some dress up fairy/princess costumes, some Curious George undies and a board game. She LOVES Color Wonder books and immediately sat down to start coloring in it.

Then I needed to force breakfast on her, the only thing she wanted to eat was veggie sausages so I got some out of the freezer. Hmmm. They weren't very frozen. In fact, they weren't hardly even cold. That's disconcerting! I thought Matt had left the door open, so I grumbled about that and went to work throwing some of the stuff out and transferring some stuff to the fridge.

Eloise took her normal nap and then the three of us got ready to get on the city bus so we could go in to Fremont for some lunch and a treat. We ate at Baja Fresh, which is my favorite fast-foodish Mexican place and then Iris had the world's smallest and most expensive ice cream cone at Cold Stone Creamery. We walked around for a little bit before heading back home on the bus.

When we got home I realized the freezer still wasn't cold. Hmmm. I called the landlord. Then I realized the fridge wasn't too cold, either. Sure enough. When Matt got home I got a thermometer to put in the fridge and it was at 50 degrees. I dragged Iris to the store to get two big styrofoam coolers and some ice. Matt and I went to work throwing out an amazing amount of food (I had just went to Costco last Monday and to the grocery store last Friday) and cooking up what we could. I apologized to him for assuming the warm freezer was his fault. Silly mama. Turns out the whole thing really is dead and hopefully the landlord will be here bright and early to replace it. What a stress! Not a fun way to cap off a birthday, let me tell ya!

However, all in all, it was an okay day. Iris wore her new princess dress everywhere, even on the bus and to lunch and to the store. She loved it! I can't believe she's three now. Sometimes when I interact with her I just think "what?!?! Where did YOU come from?" because she grows so much every day I just can't keep up. Her birthday is a good reminder for me to stop once in a while and catch up with her. To be more present with her and patient with her.

Happy Birthday my big girl!


  1. There must be bad refridgerator vibes flowing around the world. I got an email from my grandparents the is morning announcing much what you have just told. Right down to my grandmother assuming that my grandfather hadn't closed the door properly.
    They got a new one quite promptly. I hope you do too!

  2. OH NO! I hope your new fridge is up and running.

    You are v. brave to take both kids out to eat by yourself. I have done that once and was so proud of myself! :) And, I barely ate my food...I brought it home.

    Give Iris a hug from us.

  3. Happy B-day Iris!

    I had the fridge issue too a couple years ago. We lived out of coolers for about 5 days. Then, we found out it would cost more to fix the old one than to go and get a new one. So, we got a new one. BUT-one thing I had remembered someone telling me is that some Home Renter's policies and Homeowner's Insurance policies include LOSS OF FOOD!!! So, I promptly called the insurance company and sure enough they covered up to $500 in food. And I did not have to pay a deductible!!! So, you may want to check into that or keep it in the back of your head for future reference.Anyway, I claimed about $400 in food from the deep freeze and fridge. I got a check in like 2 weeks! So, that helped to pay for our new fridge and to re-stock the food.

    And, yep Cold Stone is so freakin' expensive!


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