Friday, July 13, 2007

Apparently, I rock.

Stephanie from Built to Last thinks I'm a Rockin' Girl Blogger. Aw, shucks, mama! Thanks! I think all of the blogs I read (see my sidebar) are written by rockin' girl, uh, bloggers, so there you go. How easy was that? I'm bad about these types of things, though the little junior high part of me really loves the positive reinforcement of being recognized!

So, it was really, really hot here. On Wednesday it got up in the mid 90's. Yesterday is was barely warm enough to wear shorts in the morning but warmed up about eight billion degrees by the late afternoon. Today starts out 60 degrees and overcast. This weather is so weird. I am THE biggest baby in the world when it comes to hot weather. Ask Matt. He was making fun of me for being so whiney about it. However, it was he who suggested a trip to the mall to escape Wednesday's heat. Ha- HA! It's not too often you'll hear Matt utter the words "let's just go to the mall".

This afternoon we'll be heading to Matt's company picnic. We're all really excited about it. Is that weird? It's a really, really cool picnic, though. So many kiddie games that Iris is going to lose her mind. So much free food that I'm going to have to wear a muu muu. Reason #912 that gigantic corporations make such great employers.

We're looking forward to a fun weekend. Tomorrow evening we're all attending a friend's wedding and then Sunday will be spent organizing and packing for our big trip.

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  1. You are Rockin'! Did I already comment this? Anyway, I'll say it again just in case. And did you get my email about your Midwest Tour? I am afraid no one is getting my emails these days...



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