Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mamamilker's Midwest tour!

Next week I'll be taking off for my blogging mid-west tour. There are lots of new friends to meet, for the girls as well as me!

A little preview of who we're hoping to see:

Stephanie from Built to Last. She lives pretty close to where my folks do, so we're hoping to see them once or twice while we're there. Possibly a zoo trip is in order? I can't wait to see our two little redheads next to each other :)

Jen from 2 in August. She is over in Michigan and we'll be seeing her while we're staying over there. She has a little guy the same age as Eloise so I am pretty sure the cuteness of each of our babes will be exponentially intensified when we set them next to each other!

Charis from Lostview Farm. I can't wait to get in her hammock with a cold drink in my hand. Ahhhh . . . .

And I still have yet to confirm any plans (hmmm, maybe it's time to go send another email!) but we're really hoping to see Ashlee from New Mama's Nest and Steph from Adventures in Babywearing.

Whew! I love meeting people in real life that I have known from the internet. I have made so many awesome friends through the time I have spent online and it's been so much fun, as well. That's one great thing about making friends online, wherever you go, you've got friends to see!


  1. I wish I still lived out there, cause I sure would love to meet you! I used to live where Steph lives. I have met Steph before we became blogging friends. LOL! Have fun!

  2. Of course we want to manage a meet up! Can't wait!!


  3. Yay! We'll have to try and figure something out soon. :) This is so awesome that you get to do this!

  4. Please visit me if you find yourself in Turkey!

  5. hey, don't you wanna stop through wyoming too? come on, it'd be fun!

  6. That sounds like SO much fun! Will there be a Northeastern Tour ;)...lol

  7. I just gave you the rockin' girl blogger award! :)


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