Friday, July 20, 2007

My trip diary, day four

Today was the best day so far. Even though Eloise didn't go to sleep until well past 1:00 am last night. Even though she screamed bloody murder instead of napping this morning. Even though I was a zombie for most of the day. Today was the best day so far because we met Stephanie and her beautiful and charming children at the zoo in Madison this afternoon. Stephanie is one of those people who is like someone you feel like you've known forever. We just started chatting immediately and there wasn't any of that weird "first date" nervousness. Iris and her son James loved each other. Love, love, loved. It was too cute. Ruby and Eloise were a bit too little to interact too much but managed to paw at each other a bit. Ruby looked, to me, like a young Iris. Seeing the two of them next to each other one might think they were definitely sisters. I especially enjoyed that our children were all about the same speed. Wanting to do the same things, be them sweet or sassy, and I really liked that Stephanie seemed like a similar kind of mama that I am, which made her super easy for me to be comfortable around.

Although we were at the zoo, we didn't see too many animals. It turns out the most exciting parts of the zoo have nothing to do with animals. Who knew? We played in the grass, ate some snacks, enjoyed sno-cones and rode on the carousel. I got some great photos and will try to figure out how to get them on to my folk's computer this weekend.

Perhaps the very sweetest thing of all was that Stephanie brought the girls a ton of things to play with. A big box full of toys for Eloise and a back pack chock full of all kinds of things to entertain Iris. As Iris opened it she said "Oh my goodness!" and her face just lit up.

We hope to see Stephanie and her family in a couple of weeks and go out with both of our families.

Thanks Stephanie for pointing out Trader Joe's, as well! We got some bags of yummy food and I have renewed energy for the rest of this trip after such a fun day.

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  1. I just love you guys...we had so much fun!

    Everyone who gets a chance to meet you will be delighted!


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