Thursday, July 26, 2007

My trip diary, day nine

I am so thankful that Eloise is starting to sleep really well. Over the last few days she's developed a great routine (other than the havoc it caused when we went to Milwaukee on Tuesday!). Now she's napping great and every night I've been able to lay her down before I come to bed she hasn't woken up. Hooray! Of course, I am sure when we leave for Michigan on Saturday to spend a week at a cottage she'll be back to her sleep-hating self. We'll see!

On Wednesday my mom and I took the girls shopping. Or rather, we dragged them along. I picked out some things for my sister and Matt to wear for our family picture and a couple cute things for myself at Banana Republic. I normally don't ever shop there, but it was the outlet mall and I'm finally feeling decent about my body and I found a skirt and a top I really liked for a good price. We had to bribe Iris by letting her ride on all of the coin-operated cars that litter the pathways at the outlet mall.

My sister's son gave Iris his Spongebob scooter to take back to Grandma's house for the week so Iris has been having fun riding it up and down the walkway and the driveway. In the morning before it got too hot and muggy I was wearing Eloise on my back and walking with Iris down the street. She puts one foot on it and pushes with the other, never putting both feet on it at once. I guess it's fun for her, so I figured I don't need to bother showing her the "right" way to do it!

We can't wait for Matt to get here tomorrow night! I am pumping lots of milk so my parents can watch the girls while I drive to Milwaukee to pick him up. He has been sooooo busy at work the past week and will very, very much need some R&R when he gets here.

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