Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My trip diary, day one

I thought it might be fun to keep a journal of what we do with our days on our trip so that it can keep everyone up-to-date. I'll start with one of the least fun days of all time, the first travel day.

We had a mid-afternoon non-stop flight, which was nice. It was delayed an hour, but we knew that before we even left for the airport, so it wasn't too big of a deal. Matt helped me get the crew in to the terminal and all checked in and bid us a fond farewell as we stepped in to the line to get through security. It was pretty easy getting through security, surprisingly. The folks we dealt with were nice, which isn't true of some airport security I've been through. We got on the plane without incident, as well. Of course, that's just where the fun started. Iris is getting easier to travel with, but Eloise, well, I've been know to describe her as a 22 pound screaming ferret and she held true to that description yesterday. I had packed a ton of toys for her to keep her entertained and I'm pretty sure we went through most of them just while the plane was taxing down the runway. Fun stuff. A friend was sweet enough to borrow us her portable DVD player but all Iris wanted to do was press all of the buttons on it so that distraction was short-lived. I am soooo glad I went through the hassle of bringing it with us for her to spend 10 minutes watching it on the plane. Grrr. Eloise did manage to sleep for some of the flight, after I nursed and rocked her. I held her in my arms and attempted to appease Iris at the same time, not so easy. Once Eloise woke up she was DONE with the plane. She acted like I was pulling our her toenails when I tried to strap her back in to car seat. I ended up stuffing her full of cheese puffs (at least they were "natural"!) and one of her sister's suckers (yeah, nothing redeeming there). Eloise grabbed it from her sister and seriously freaked if I even looked at her like I was going to take it back, so yeah, well, my eleven month old polished off a cotton candy Dum-Dum.

When we landed a nice young gentleman helped me get my brood off of the plane and my folks were waiting for us at the airport. It took forever to get Eloise's car seat in the car. I don't understand why it's so difficult in some vehicles but a piece of cake in others. I was pretty pissed off by the time I even got it somewhat in place. There was an hour drive to my folk's house during which I stuffed Eloise full of more cheese puffs to keep her from screaming the whole way. She seriously hates the car seat and had spent more than enough time in it already, thank you very much.

Once here at my folk's house Eloise proceeded to point out every single thing that my mom had failed to child proof. Apparently clusters of breakable knick-knacks on low-lying shelves are pretty appealing to babies. Who knew? Of course, Iris had to tell my mom that this house is "the best house she ever saw!". Apparently the decorating scheme appeals greatly to three year olds. My folks re-decorate about once ever season so whenever we make a trip back here there's lots of new things to check out.

I finally wrestled Eloise to sleep just after midnight local time, which was 10:00 home time. Once the sun came up, just before 6:00 local time, she thought it was time to get up and play! Woo Hoo! It took over an hour to get her back down. Needless to say, I'm a bit groggy today. The girls are both doing really good, though. My folk's have three dogs and they are a bit over-whelming but are very sweet with the girls.

Today we are relaxing out in the million degree heat with 99% humidity. At least there is a breeze!

That's all I've got for now. More fun and exciting adventures to be reported on soon!


  1. holy schmoly mama! gotta love air travel with youngins. sounds like you did well despite the chaos.

    i hear ya on the continuous snacks too. i swear it was my lifesaver. though isa did come back much heavier it seemed!

  2. Yay! We are glad to hear you made it safe and sound. Flying by yourself with two little kids deserves some sort of award or medal. You did it! (insert Dora song here) Keep us updated with your midwest tour.


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