Sunday, July 22, 2007

My trip diary, days five and six

We had another super fun day yesterday. Went in to Milwaukee to see my sister's family and their new home. I was feeling very sad about the sale of their old home. It might seem strange, but it felt a teeny bit like my home, too. I lived there for several months before moving out west and that was always the home I came back to. Sniffle. Well, their new home really and truly is fantastic. It's in a wonderful neighborhood and, like their old home, it has lots of charm and super cute details. It has a bigger yard, as well, which is very nice! I think we'll all like it there :) My sister and her husband have two boys who are four and almost seven. They played so well with Iris and even with Eloise! It was so neat to see them all together. It makes your heart melt, I swear! Eloise and I took a nap on the couch and my, that was lovely, as well. We got back to my folk's house super late and the girls and I headed outside to try and catch lightening bugs, but alas, they were sparse and we only caught one. Which we let go after about two minutes!

Today was a lazy day. We sat around all morning and played outside for a bit. Eloise took a nice long nap again, thank goodness! After lunch I took the girls to Culvers, which is a frozen custard place that is big here in WI. It was great. Well, until I decided to stand Eloise up on a chair and then look away for a moment during which she promptly tumbled to the floor and started howling in the middle of the busy seating area. Oops. Then we went shopping. I was due for a little retail therapy! Got some super, super cute stuff for the girls at the Gymboree and Little Me outlets and then headed home.

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