Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My trip diary, days seven and eight

Okay, now time is starting to fly by! Whew! I can't believe we've been here just over a week already. The vacation is 1/4 over with. We've been having fun.

Yesterday was another lazy day. Most days we spend at least some time out in the yard playing in the sandbox and wading pool that my mom set up for the girls. In the late afternoon I decided we needed to get over to Shopko to buy some fun things to help keep Iris entertained lest she pilfer through any of my mom's things any more. We got lots of crafty supplies and a coloring book and a sticker book. That should make her happy, I thought. Oh, and two- TWO!- pairs of shoes (and honey bunny, when you read this and your eyes roll back in your head over learning that Iris has even MORE shoes, well, I'm sorry. I'm weak.). She then proceeded to throw a monster size hissy fit in the store because the cart was so full of all of the crap I was buying for her that there was no room for her to sit in it. Oh, the horror! She screamed all the way through the check out line. Yay. I was so mad because I thought she was being an ungrateful little brat and then I went oh, duh, she's three. She doesn't think like an adult. She just wanted to ride in the cart. We kissed and made up. All was well.

Then we met my folks at Culver's for some burgers, fries and custard followed by a trip to the park. Iris was thrilled that there were other kids there to play with!

Today the girls and I left after Eloise's nap to go to Milwaukee for the afternoon and evening. We first stopped at Beans and Barley, a store I used to work at 11 years ago. Sadly, I recognized a few familiar faces while we were there. Then we stopped at another grocery store because Beans didn't have the beer I wanted (more Spotted Cow!) and then we made our way over to my sister's house. We played and ate and drank wine and beer and talked. It was so much fun. My brother-in-law was so sweet with Eloise, carrying her around and helping me out. My sister spent some time alone with her, as well. I really am loving breaks from her because she is like super glue to me 99% of the time. On this vacation we have been more attached than ever and I'm wearing a wee bit thin. It's so wonderful to see her bonding with my family, people who love her dearly. I was in their kitchen washing the dinner dishes while I watched my girls play with my sister's family out in their back yard. It was so wonderful. Everyone so happy and enjoying their time together. I was having a moment of "I could TOTALLY live in Milwaukee!" and I wish that the city had more redeeming factors for me than just my sister's family being there. I'm still not sure that's enough to sustain our happiness should we decide to move there. But damn, if we were guaranteed plenty of nights like we had tonight, I'd be in heaven.

We left at 8:00 and got back to my folk's at 9:30. I was dead tired, as were the girls, but now I'm wide awake enjoying the stillness of the night when everyone is sleeping.

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  1. I am so excited you're having a good time and considering the possibility of living in the MidWest again! Did we decide when we can all meet up?



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