Thursday, July 19, 2007

My trip diary, days two and three

We're starting to settle in a bit. This year's trip isn't anywhere near as relaxing as last years. Thanks to a baby that pretty much hates to sleep and hates to be anywhere but in my arms or at least in my sight. I'm a little bit exhausted. At home she and Iris sleep in separate rooms, but not here, so I can't even go in to the bedroom and try to nurse her to sleep or deal with her at all because she will inevitably scream and wake up Iris. Sigh. Last night and tonight she wouldn't stay asleep. In fact, it's pushing 11:00 here right now and she's crawling around on the floor because, damn it, I needed a break from her and I just couldn't keep trying to rock her without wanting to throw her out the window. How many more nights until Matt gets here?

Yesterday we just tried to catch up with everything. We played in the yard a bit and, well, that was about the most exciting part. I went to a natural foods store to buy the girls some things they are accustomed to eating and I never thought I would say this, but man is it cheap to shop for organic foods in Seattle! At least you're not in no-man's land Wisconsin, right?

Today we ventured out twice. The first was a trip to the dreaded Wal-Mart. I hadn't been in one forever, partly because I have sworn them off and partly because there isn't one anywhere near where we live. Good thing. We bought fabric to make the girls some cute things as well as a case of diapers and the dresses the girls will wear when we get our family portraits done at the cabin the week after next. After dinner my mom and I took the girls out for ice cream. I love the place we go to because everything is just how I remember from the soft-serve places of my childhood. And it's cheap. Eloise had some hot fudge sundae, of course. Again, bad mommy, bad!

Iris has been, for lack of a better word, a total brat. It's so frustrating. I just realized tonight as I breathed a sigh of relief that she was in bed that it's probably because we really haven't gotten her out of the house enough to really get her energy out and everything in my folk's house is off-limits for her to touch. I've seriously sad "no" to her about ten million more times than I've been able to say "yes!" and I hate that. At our home everything is kid-friendly. There are very, very few things she can't touch so it makes the space easy for her to explore. There are also few toys here for her, so she's just dying for something to do, I think. My mom has some pool noodles on the dining room table that Iris wants to swing around the house. Try telling a three year old that a pile of pool noodles shouldn't be played with! Yeah. Exactly. We're meeting some friends at the zoo tomorrow, so that will really help. Hopefully I'll start catching up on sleep as Eloise gets used to the routine here and that will help my energy and patience, as well.

So far it's nice being here, but a little boring and a lot frustrating. I miss Matt alot.

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  1. uh, sorry about all the trip suckiness. sounds like a serious pain. i think getting out of the house is KEY. seriously KEY. for everyone. sending you some good, peaceful vibes...


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