Thursday, July 05, 2007


Iris's first day at her new pre-school was on Tuesday. She is just going for a few days this summer before and after our vacation, but we are hoping and praying and crossing our fingers that she gets in for fall. Apparently our fate is hanging in the arms of a family who is deciding if they want to send their child to pre-K instead of keep them at this school. If you have a moment, please send some lovely pre-K vibes to this family, allrighty?

So, this school. It just might be about the coolest school ever. It's very small, only a few children there on any given day. On Tuesday there were five children and all of them had younger siblings. Every single parent was carrying their babe in a sling. The father who was working in the classroom that day held their babe (who was five days older than Eloise) in a sling the entire time. The teachers believe in positive discipline and have created an environment that is safe for children to explore all sorts of things that they may not get to at home (like Iris). We were asked to fill out an information form so that they can get to know our family and Iris a little better. There were many questions about the child's birth, what their home life is like, what our hopes and dreams are for our child, things like that. What really struck me was that there was a question asking if our child is still breastfeeding. What makes this question particularly interesting is that this school is only for children aged 3-5. Also, today when we got there, another mama recognized me from an MDC gathering we were at last summer at the zoo. How cool is that?

I often think about homeschooling and if it would be the right choice for us, but honestly, if I can send my children to a school like this, I couldn't imagine a better choice.

I'm almost sad that Iris will have to miss four weeks of school while we go on vacation. This school truly is fantastic.


  1. How wonderful to have found such an amazing school for Iris.

    How wonderful to have found a summertime pre-school. :)

    Hope you & Eloise are enjoying your one on one time!

  2. I think I'll be moving to Washington :) That school sounds amazing...I wish we had something like it around here. Hope it all continues to go as great as it sounds!

  3. Sending pre-k vibes so your little darling can stay in her wonderful school!

  4. Wow, I'm impressed. What an amazing school. Although our plan right now is to homeschool, if we had changed our mind that would be the kind of school I would love my daughter to go to.


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