Friday, July 06, 2007

Ups and Downs

Today was filled with an amazing amount of ups and downs.

Down: It started last night at 11:00 when I went in the bedroom to comfort a hysterical Eloise who decided she was not, under any circumstances, going to go to sleep. By 3:00 am I finally gave her some Tylenol with the idea that if she was that upset for that long surely there must be a physical reason for it. She promptly conked out and slept decently until she was woken up at 8:30. No sleeping in for her!

Up: Eloise took a two hour morning nap.

Down: Iris was very sassy with me and lost the privilege of going to the wading pool after lunch. I argued with her for a good hour before deciding not only was she not going to the wading pool, but she was going to take a nap, too. Surely I was setting myself up for disaster by forcing her to take a nap.

Up: Iris DID nap, and at the same time as Eloise! I had a huge break where I laid on the couch and zoned out. It was fantastic.

Up: We made plans to meet a friend at the wading pool.

Down: We get there and it's actually pretty cold out.

Up: Amazingly, the water was warm, so the pool wasn't so bad.

Up: We went to dinner with the same friends at a fantastic Mexican restaurant. Iris and her friend had a blast sitting next to each other making funny faces and eventually dancing around next to the table.

Down: After dinner, as we waved goodbye to our friends, the car won't start. Damn it.

Up: Same friends come back to save us by trying to jump start our car and driving the girls and I, then eventually Matt (who stayed with the car to find a tow truk driver to pick it up), home.

Down: Car is towed to the shop.

Down: Now we can't go to Matt's parents for the weekend like we had planned. Matt is really, really down about this. I'm not as down only because I was very much dreading the long car ride with Eloise (aka the baby who HATES the car) and another night of bad sleep in a foreign room.

Up: Although Eloise's early evening sleep has been for shit the past many nights, she actually went to be at 8:30 tonight and is still fast asleep now, two and a half hours later. This is quite miraculous.

Up/Down: Now we're car-less and plan-less for the weekend. Whatever will we do? Time will tell!

Total Ups: 8
Total Downs: 7

The Ups win! It was an awesome day, after all!


  1. Yay- The ups win... hope today is a lot more ups, too!


  2. ahhh the rollercoaster of life. hope tomorrow is a bit more even keel, or atleast the ups kicking ass!

  3. haha, this post cracked me up. Good attitude, you. :) I hope the car is back on the road soon & enjoy your lazy (?) weekend. :)


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