Thursday, August 23, 2007


We had an exciting afternoon planned yesterday. The girls and I were going out to pick up some things for Eloise's birthday party and to sample some cupcakes and place our order (I had decided that cupcakes were the way to go!). We stopped at Trophy Cupcakes but, damn them, they didn't have enough time to make a couple dozen cupcakes by Saturday afternoon. Their cupcakes are so amazingly beautiful. I think that some day, when I get married, we'll have a cupcake tier instead of a regular cake.

So, after checking out that place, we headed over to Cupcake Royale, where we knew they would have time to make cupcakes for us. The cupcake shop is on a busy main street, so I was excited when I spotted a big parking space right out front. A space big enough for two cars and there was already a car pulling in to the spot. I stopped and waited and he pulled ahead in the space, leaving enough room for me to park behind. I looked at the driver and noticed it was the father of a child that Iris goes to school with. So, I parallel park in the space and the guy, let's call him Mr. Asshole, gets out and comes over to the passenger side of my car. "Oh!" I thought, "He's coming to say hi!" and he bangs on the window and I roll it down. He starts yelling at me that the spot he stopped in has a white line on the curb and that he was going to back in to the space I parked in. "Oh, I'm sorry" I said. He then starts yelling that I almost "slammed in to him" (which, you know, I came nowhere near doing) and then walked away. I was absolutely floored. I pulled away and I was shaking and mad. I didn't say anything, but Iris was really freaked out. She kept asking me why that man banged on the window and why was he yelling at me? It was a great lesson for a three year old, that sometimes adults don't act very nice and that he should have used a nice voice with me, even if he as upset.

So, it was so weird. I thought, damn it, I am going to email Mr. Asshole and make him feel like a total piece of shit for treating me that way in front of my girls. I requested some advice off of the message boards and was surprised that most of the mamas thought I should just let it go. Let it go?!?! How?! But, you know what, they were right. I am not sure how confronting some crazy lunatic about his out-of-line behavior would solve much. I'm just going to be steering clear of him, which may be hard since our school is so tiny. Oh, well.

What is the deal with people?


  1. wow - that's lots of lameness in one day!
    1. trophy cupcakes web site says that they only need 48 hours notice for orders of a dozen or more! last time i checked, wednesday is more than 48 hours in advance of saturday. but maybe they are just super busy right now or something.
    2. that is sooooooo rude that the guy yelled at you. but yeah, i would probably just let it go. yes, he behaved badly, but getting into it further with him is probably not a way to add more positive karma to the world. i let stuff like that get me all fired up to, but it's probably just better to vent here and then move on.

  2. funniest post title EVER.

    sorry about the asshole. :(

  3. I would totally be tempted to say something to him. I don't think anything good could come of it. I bet when he sees you at school he'll be feeling like an idiot anyway. He was probably having a bad day or something. Or maye he's just an asshole. Act like it never happened, b/c if he's really an asshole, he'll expect you to be one too. He won't know how to act if you act normal.

  4. While I can see how the whole be-a-zen-mama-and-let-it-go thing has value, I tend to agree with you. I don't think you necessarily need to confront the guy per se, but just to let him know that you don't appreciate being spoken to like that, and beyond that you will not allow someone to treat you like that-that next time he has a problem with something you've done, the appropriate thing would be to simply point it out to you in a calm manner.

    And then let it go.

    But yeah, that guy was totally an asshole.

  5. Cupcakes? I'm for 'em.

    So sorry about Mr. Asshole. It has been encounter and asshole week for me too.


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