Sunday, August 26, 2007

Eloise's first birthday party

Well, we had a bit of a whirlwind weekend. Yesterday was Eloise's first birthday party! We gathered with some friends at a nearby park and pretty much just relaxed. The weather was perfect, we had some snacks and cupcakes and Eloise got so many fantastic gifts. Of course, as soon as we got home Iris claimed most of them for her own, but what did we expect?

Here are some photos of the party:

Eloise enjoying watermelon.

Melissa's little guy looking beyond adorable in his party hat.
Another friend in her party hat!
A little friend trying out Iris's trike.
Eloise and the balloons. We got these with the intention of passing them out to party guests but somehow, inexplicably, they were covered in chocolate frosting by the end of the party so everyone graciously declined the offer of going home with one.

Another friend at the party.

Mmmmm, Cupcake Royale cupcake!
Me. The one responsible for birthing this gorgeous babe so we would all have a reason to party!

After the party we came home and crashed. It turns out partying is exhausting work!

Today we took a family power-walk around Greenlake. It feels so good to get out and get exercise, especially as a family. Matt has had some physical ailments that kept him from doing much exercising much over the summer, but he's feeling so much better now and has been asking more and more to go out on walks. Yay!

There aren't too many plans for this week. Preschool is on a break between the summer session and the regular school year, so we'll have to find something to do to entertain ourselves.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful party! So many little friends to share it with. How sweet!

    Jen in MI
    aka 2 in August


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