Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Multiple wardrobe changes

The newest struggle I have at home is dressing Eloise. She's in that phase where she's still crawling most of the time that she needs to get somewhere quickly but is constantly practicing her walking, as well. It makes is difficult to outfit her cutely and also practically considering her movement needs. She is also only half an inch taller now at a year old than her sister was at just six months, so I grossly over-estimate the size hand-me-downs she should be wearing. This morning it took three changes of clothes before I got her in pants that weren't dragging on the ground and impeding her walking. It's like a little fashion show up in here!

I'm finding the size difference between the girls at the same age fascinating. I wonder if Eloise won't end up being as tall as Iris.

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  1. Interesting! I am finding that Zachary is actually Bigger than Xander was at this age. Zach seems to be outgrowing his clothes and shoes and I'm digging through rubbermaid tubs to find something that will fit him! It's funny to see how alike, but how different they are at the same time!

    P.S. Can you believe some of those comments on my Pet Peeves Post about parenting other people's children? I was shocked to see so many people disagree! CrAzY...


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