Thursday, August 16, 2007

My trip diary, day seventeen

Thursday morning we woke up four people lighter. My brother, his girlfriend and their two daughters had to leave very early to catch the ferry back to Wisconsin so they could spend some time with other relatives before heading back to New York City.

My dad had promised Iris and I a chance to use the kayaks and we were very excited. Iris is a huge fan of kayaks, though I'm not sure why. She ended up being pretty damn bored but I think we really pushed our luck by going out on a looooong trip with her in the morning. I really enjoyed paddling a kayak, I wasn't sure how I would like it, but it was alot of fun. I think it's incredibly cool that my 60-ish year old parents own kayaks. The least I could do was try to keep up with them!

Safety first!

There I go!

My dad and Iris.

That afternoon we decided that it was the perfect day for a trip to Duck Lake. More specifically, to the little channel that connects Duck Lake to Lake Michigan, a place which is pretty close to my idea of heaven. Seriously. Hopefully my pictures even begin to do justice to this place. There is a long, shallow, winding channel flanked by the most gorgeous sand ever. There is a decent sized beach and then on the other end is Lake Michigan. The lake was the perfect temperature, with a perfect sandy bottom, with perfect rolling waves. I grew up swimming in Lake Michigan, so being in that water felt like home to me. It was absolutely hypnotic. My dad and I had spent most of the early afternoon driving all over Michigan for beach umbrellas for our afternoon at the lake, but it was worth it!

Matt and the girls relaxing on the channel. The water was so shallow that we could set Eloise in the middle of it.

Our little set-up. The sand and sun is pretty un-forgiving, but with the umbrellas it was actually quite nice. At one point several of our group was napping here!

A nice scene of the beach and channel.

This is closer to where the channel connected to Duck Lake. It went underneath the road and made a cool little waterfall. That is Iris on the bottom left.

From left to right, my dad, Eloise, my BIL and my mom.

My sister is an amazing cook. She makes mouth-watering pizzas from scratch, which she did for us that evening. I think we didn't end up eating until close to 9:00 at night, but it was delicious!

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