Monday, August 13, 2007

My trip diary, days eleven and twelve

We'll see how good I can do at recall!

Friday was a fantastic day because I got to leave the girls with my mom and dad and drive in to Milwaukee to pick up Matt from the airport. I left early enough to stop at Conejito's and have dinner with my sister, her husband and their boys. It was so much! My nephews are such little loveys. They both wanted to sit on either side of me and kept hugging me and saying "I love you!" it was too sweet. I had to skeedadle right our of dinner and got lost on my way to the airport, so my plan to meet Matt inside changed to him patiently waiting for me to pull up outside at baggage claim. Ah, well.

The girls were THRILLED to see him! We were concerned Eloise might act like she wanted nothing to do with him, but oh no. She was giggling like she was drunk and burying herself in his lap. It was a fun reunion!

Saturday the 28th was the day we left for Michigan! We had a lazy morning getting packed and ready to go and made the drive in to Milwaukee to catch the car ferry over to Muskegon. It was a neat boat ride. Two and a half hours to get across the lake! That thing flies! We were on the boat at sunset, which was pretty fantastic. It was neat coming in to the harbor in Muskegon, as well. Lots of people out on their boats waving at our ferry like we were on parade or something! After we got off of the ferry there was an hour drive or so up to the cottage. We had to drive down these dark, windy streets and eventually found the street sign for the address of the cottage. There was a long, steep driveway and we weren't even sure we were there until everyone else came running out of the cottage to greet us! It was about 11:00 at night, Michigan time, by this point and after getting settled in we all weren't in bed until well after midnight. Luckily the girls are good sleepers!

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