Monday, August 13, 2007

My trip diary, days thirteen and fourteen

The cast of characters at the cottage was: the four of us, my sister, her husband and their two boys (age 4 and 7) and my brother, his girlfriend and their two daughters (age 4 and 9). My mom and dad were there, as well, but technically weren't staying in the cottage as they slept out on their sailboat every night.

We woke up on Sunday morning at the vacation cottage to a gorgeous day. In fact, every day was gorgeous while we were there! The weather was perfect right on the water. If you went in to town or away from the water at all it felt a bit hot and uncomfortable, but the cottage was fantastic. We spent some time on Sunday swimming, eating, playing bocce ball, drinking bar. All the fine things in life! The cottage was on White Lake and the water was so amazingly shallow. You could walk out for yards and yards and it still wasn't any higher than my knees.

The cottage from out on the dock.

My parent's sailboat. If you look closely you can see the line where the water is a little brownish and then turns to blue. That's where the drop off was. You could walk yards and yards out in the water and it was no deeper than my knees until you hit the drop-off.

The living room at the cottage.

My mom and sister in the kitchen. I think my sister spent the vast majority of her time there!

Matt, my brother and my niece and Iris playing bocce ball. I think the girls won :)

Iris and her cousin relaxing.

Hanging out in the dinghy.

Going fishin!

Monday ended up being a pretty terrible day, actually. I'll spare you the gory details, but there was lots of drama. Lots and lots and LOTS. I was very upset with my mother, my sister got upset with me, Matt and I got in a huge fight. Oh, it was bad. In between all of this upsetness there was some swimming out off of the sailboat and just before sunset we all went out to a beach on Lake Michigan and had some really amazing professional family photos taken. They all turned out so nicely. Matt and I kissed and made up pretty quickly after our fight but there was still alot of tension in the cottage between me and my mom and sister for the rest of the day. Blech. I didn't want to be there anymore.

My brother and his girlfriend and their girls.

Iris and I swimming. She was so brave! It was the first time she had ever been in open water like that.
My brother diving off of the sailboat.
A view of a bunch of us on the sailboat.
My older niece jumping off of the sailboat.

There were about a million great shots my brother got of the photo shoot. The setting and light were amazing. We all looked pretty sharp in our coordinating white tops and jeans, if I do say so myself!

My sister and Eloise, getting ready to go.

The four of us getting our family shot taken.

My brother's family.

My sister's family.


The guys.

Making sand angels.

Hanging out on the beach.My nephews.


  1. Sounds wonderful, except for the family drama. :) But when isn't there a little drama at a large gathering? I'm glad your brother was so there for you.

  2. Um, hello, where are the rest of the days of your trip? You were gone for 30 days you know! :)


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