Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Okay, I think I give up!

I have really found the task of documenting the rest of my trip too daunting to finish just now. You see, I came down with a bummer of a cold the very afternoon we got home and I have lost every ounce of creativity as I deal with my sleeplessness and snotty nose. Ah, fun times. I'll figure out what to do. In the mean time you just get the regular ol' daily updates.

Eloise is ever so slowly getting closer to really, really walking. Today we watched her get herself up to standing all on her own. Like, from sitting in the middle of the floor to standing. Then she toddled a few steps. Amazing! She's a genius! It's so much fun to watch her go through this. With Iris I was just so ready for her to grow up already, hurry along and meet the next milestone! But Eloise? I'm enjoying the journey so much more. Every night as I rock her to sleep I honestly think about how grateful I am that I can still rock her. That she needs to be held in my arms to feel safe and comfortable while I lull her to sleep. With Iris I couldn't wait for her to fall asleep on her own. With Eloise, I love every minute of it. Well, I don't so much love the over-tired screaming bits, but those are getting fewer and further between, so we're good.

Iris has been all over the map these days. Some days, like (most of) today, she's this perfect little gem. Being as sweet and beautiful and loving and gentle as can be. Some days, like (most of) yesterday, she's a rotten little demon whose sole purpose in life is to pound on her sister and make me freak out. It's a good thing I love her so damn much. Because, really, I do, so we take it day-by-day.

She absolutely adores her summer preschool. I have been sweating bullets over the fact that as of this past Tuesday we didn't know where she would be able to go in the fall, but we were just told they had two days open for her if we wanted them. And boy howdy, did we want them! I couldn't be happier. Her school is just amazing. It is the perfect place for her, and us, I think, so now I can rest a little easier.

We are definitely weaned at this point, as well. The past couple of nights Iris asked to nurse again, for the first time in four weeks, and I knew it was just because she wanted to stall for time instead of go to bed. I told her no, that we were done nursing, and she simply moved on. I think now I can say without question we are done. It's a fantastic, triumphant feeling. To make it just over three years of nursing feels like such an amazing accomplishment. I don't feel sad at all, actually. I don't know, should I? I also don't feel uber-relieved. It just feels right. Like it's very much the right time.

In 48 hours, almost to the minute, it is Eloise's first birthday. I can't even believe it. I am so dumbfounded that this year is coming to a quick close. Everyone said the first year is the hardest so I'm thrilled we all made it through in tact! Matt's parents and sister will be here for a small celebration on the big day. I'm looking forward to it-- her Grandpa wanted to bring her first birthday cake, which I thought was about the sweetest thing I have ever heard.

In completely unrelated news, my boyfriend apparently doesn't know what an engagement ring is for and thinks he can get away with just buying me a cheap-o wedding band when it's time for us to tie the knot. Um, hello?!?! What? No, there's no engagement (and there won't be until there is a rock on my finger, damn it!). That is all.

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry you got a cold. Are you better now? That stinks...we all have had mild colds, too.

    (eek! hope we didn't give it to you.) :)

    I miss you and your darling girls. I'm so happy about the preschool and nursing news. I am amazed...3 years! Way to go mama!


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