Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Seriously TMI-- consider yourself warned!

So, this is my blog and I can write about my period if I want to. Yep, my period. You have been warned.

I have been a lucky mama, indeed, this time around, at least. It appears my period has officially returned to my barren, infertile body. The joy! Okay, not really. Now that I no longer will bear another child, having a period feels even more awful. A monthly thing to deal with. I don't want to deal with anything else, damn it! I want my period to just go away. For good. Before I got pregnant with Iris I took birth control pills (okay, obviously I wasn't very good at taking them, but I digress) on a schedule that gave me my period only four times a year. It was pretty fantastic, and something I will do again once Eloise weans. The things I do for my babies, no? I will let her wean on her own time, just as I did with Iris, and I will face a monthly cycle, just as I did when I nursed Iris. I just won't be happy about it. Not even a little bit.


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