Thursday, August 30, 2007


If you have ever had the desire to order anything off of, I would like to suggest against it. Out of curiosity, I decided to see how much it would cost to get this dresser shipped to me. I'm a little lazy and IKEA is a decent trip away. How much could it be to have it shipped? How much, you ask? Well, IKEA likes to make you wait for things. First you go the website and "order" a product. Then they tell you that you will hear back within 48 hours regarding the final cost and to set up a delivery time. Okay. So I get an email later that day saying a representative will call me to discuss the final total with me. Okay. So then the next day I get a final invoice saying that it will cost $262.48 to ship a $230 dresser. Seriously? Seriously? I think I would carry the dresser home from Renton on my back before I'd pay that much money to have it shipped. Who can afford that? If you can, I'm thinking you're probably not buying your furniture from IKEA!


  1. Uh yeah- good to know! We have an Ikea not too very far away, but even with how boxed and small their items are, we would never be able to fit anything in our vehicle!


  2. It reall depends on how close you are. We only paid $80 for delivery for a new bed, matress and sofa - but I live 2 miles from our Ikea so that definitely had an impact (I know they charge a per mile rate in addition to the base delivery charge).

  3. That's just INSANITY. I love that dresser too, though-in the blue. But that's just crazy-you could hire a truck by the hour, drive there and get it and bring it home yourself cheaper.


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