Monday, September 17, 2007

13 months

Today Eloise is 13 months old. We were actually in the pediatrician's office this afternoon so I can definitively say she is 23 lbs 13 oz. Growing like a weed, that one! It's funny because she isn't nearly as tall as Iris was at this age, so the clothes Iris was wearing at 13 months are too long for Eloise to wear now.

We were in the ped's office today because Eloise is coughing. And coughing. And coughing. Sound familiar? If you have followed my blog you might remember that we have had problems with her coughing pretty much most of her life. I was thinking about that last night as I sat up with her and was glad that it was one of the first things the ND at the clinic brought up when we got there. They are recognizing there is a pattern going on here. When the ND listened to Eloise's lungs she heard some wheezing and thought it might be a good idea to give her a nebulizer treatment in the office to see how she responded. It turned out that her lungs sounded clearer afterwards, so they recommended we get a nebulizer for at home and sent us on our way with a prescription and a new machine. We were kind of harried in getting out of there on time but I realized there were a bunch of questions about Eloise's coughing I never got to ask, such as, is there anything else I can do besides subject her to these apparently murderous nebulizer treatments several times a day? If you've ever given a nebulizer treatment to a little one, you know what I am referring to.


She is now walking 100% of the time and it's so much fun. She toddles all over the place. Her temper is also developing quite nicely and it though it's only in it's beginning stages, it appears that she might rival Iris in her ability to scream and through a fit. Joy! Recently she learned to point out a nose on a face. I remember how sweet it was when Iris started learning the names of facial features, as well.

The other incredibly fun thing is how much Eloise loves to dance. Any time she hears anything even remotely resembling music she tilts her head shoulder to shoulder and will start dancing away. She also does a young Iris move, which is standing there and waving one arm back and forth to the beat. I had completely forgotten that was also one of Iris's early dance moves.

And we finally have a tooth! A week or so ago the first one busted through on the bottom and another one is slowly making it's way out. Eloise has been crankier than normal the past few days, but I can't tell if it's teeth, coughing/breathing issues or just the general fun of being thirteen (months, that is!).


  1. A friend of mine gets through her son's nebulizer treatments by calling it his "magic breath". The only thing that got us through the couple we had to do with Michael at 16 months was for me to wear him and to have a clamation DVD on the TV - it still started w/tears, but he wouldcalm down pretty quickly with the video. Best of luck - giving that first treatment was one of the hardest things I've done as a parent.

  2. I have a couple friends who had to give their child nebulizer treatments as well...I heard it gets easier as they get older and will sit for tv. I'm so sorry you have to deal with that but also hope that it really will help her.

    She is such a sweet thing and getting so big...I wish we could see you all a lot more. :)

  3. A tooth! How exciting...She's getting so big!

    Oh and I'm having a Target Gift Card Give-Away to celebrate my Blogaversary. Come on over and enter.:-)

  4. Oh sweet Eloise! I can't wait to see our little ones together next week.

    I'm curious about the treatments she's doing - just Googled it. I can't imagine her wanting to keep that thing on her little face.

    Speaking of her little face, exciting news about the tooth/teeth.


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