Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bellingham fun

On Friday the girls and I travelled to Bellingham to visit some friends. It was a lovely drive up, we went through sun, overcast skies and rain (even a rainbow!) but it was gorgeous and sunny when we arrived. We met two friends and their little guys at a cafe for lunch. I know the mamas from a message board and, like every other mama I've met from the board, they were amazingly kind, funny, and easy to get along with.

Here are all of us in front of the cafe after lunch:

All of the little ones in this photo were born in August 2006. I belong to a small but very active private message board that is all mamas of children born that month. It is the most amazing group of mamas I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. To date I have met five of the mamas in real life. My goal is to meet them all!

After lunch the mama on the left and her son had to get going, but the other mama/son pair and the girls and I walked down by the water to a cute little park and hung out and played. Bellingham is such a gorgeous city. We are seriously considering moving either there or Olympia, so it was neat to see the city a bit.


  1. what a cute looked like a beautiful day. (I love hoodies!)

  2. oh, i am green with envy! but of course glad that you all had such a good time. now i need to get on this "mama meet up" train... i got nothing so far, not a single meeting. so that reminds me, when are coming to wyoming? ;-)


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