Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A motherf'n genius

We need groceries bad, bad, bad. Unfortunately for me, my quest for the best, cheapest groceries often leads me to stores all over town for various items on my list. When I get lazy I like to use Safeway.com to order my groceries and have them delivered to my (second story) apartment door. I have never had to pay for the delivery service, as I always waited until I got promo coupons in the mail for free delivery.

Today, however, I was desperate and needed the groceries to come in the morning and didn't want to shop for them myself, so I decided I could cough up the $10 delivery charge. Now mind you, $10 is still a deal if you have to drag two small children to the grocery store, but I'm pretty cheap and the charge was a little painful to accept.

Just as I was about to press the "order" button it occured to me, like a divine inspiration, that I could likely find free shipping codes online. Lo and behold, a quick google of "free delivery code safeway" turned up several websites with all kinds of codes! Not only did I find a free delivery code, but I also found a code that gave me $10 OFF my total bill. I'm not kidding. So, the groceries will be delivered to my (second story!) apartment door tomorrow morning while I am still in my pajamas. For free. And I saved $10 in the process. Sweet.

Anyways, this is my little PSA to say that if you want to order anything online, take a minute to see if there are any promo codes out there in internet land that you can use. You can thank me for this tip later by mailing me cookies with all of the time and money that you saved.


  1. You ARE a genius. And one lucky genius to even have the option of delivered groceries!!!

    Totally worth it and even more so when you rock the online coupons like your bad self did.

    green with envy, skg

  2. Wha?!?! Madison doesn't have a grocery delivery service? Hmmm, I see a niche waiting to be filled!

  3. THAT is awesome. Sadly, I live in bumble-you-know, where nothing beyond pizza is delivered. And you know, I could cope with that if everything was drive-through-order your groceries online, then drive through and have them loaded in your car. Maybe I ought to invent that and make a million dollars....

    But even if you had to spend the $10-that is the best way to spend it in my opinion.

  4. I love online coupons! Well really coupons in general. I saved $80 today at BBB - we went on a pillow spree.

  5. I love online coupons! Well really coupons in general. I saved $80 today at BBB - we went on a pillow spree.


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