Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Random updates

So, what have we been up to?

Monday was Iris's first day of preschool for the regular year. It was sort of anti-climactic because it was basically a continuation of the school she went to over the summer. Never-the-less, it was still a memorable moment. Here is Iris on her first day of school posing with her giant rolling Hello Kitty backpack:

Last night was the first parent meeting of the year. I enjoyed spending some time getting to know the other parents. It's a small school, only 12 children, so hopefully we will be close with some of the other families. We actually had a play date with another mama and her two children yesterday, as well. My girls made a fantastic impression, of course. Iris smacked in to her daughter while swinging around a pool from the swing set and Eloise kept trying to grab her little son and making him cry. Sigh.

Yesterday Iris also smashed her sister on the back of her head with a block, making her bleed and slam in to the ground. Next to the black eye Iris gave her sister back in June, this is the worst Iris has ever hurt her sister. We're kind of at the end of rope over here trying to figure out how to deal with this situation. We have tried things like talking to Iris, figuring out why she is hurting her sister, giving her time outs, taking away privileges, just about everything and nothing seems to be working. I simply can't have my eyes on her 100% of the time and it makes me really angry that she is so aggressive towards her sister.

Iris has been really in to drawing birthday cakes lately. Here is her latest creation:

She hasn't quite figured out 3-D so she draws the candles all going out the side of the cake. She has drawn quite a few of these but this one was the most finished, in my opinion.

She has been obsessed with birthdays! It seems that this past summer was full of birthdays and we have been talking about Matt and my (30th!yikes!) birthdays coming up this fall. I was also told that yesterday at school she and the parent helper made birthday cards.

I have been involved in a "no spend" challenge this month with a group of mamas from a message board. It basically means you don't buy anything you don't absolutely need (like groceries or gas). I have been doing okay but yesterday I found out about a co-op on Melissa and Doug toys where I could get things for 50% off and I couldn't resist. I ordered a few things for Christmas presents for children we know and finally settled on the kitchen the girls will get for Christmas, which is this one. I liked it because it had a lot of storage in it for all of the little kitchen things they will have. I have seen some other super cute kitchen sets, but most that were cheap enough for us to afford didn't have hardly any storage in them. I think we'll all really like this one and it will last them a long time, too!


  1. A few things:

    Iris looked adorable on her first day of school. I'm so glad you found one you like so much.

    She is really, really good at drawing! James still has that little picture she made for us. It is so cute.

    I'm sorry about the Iris/Eloise drama. :( I have felt so frustrated with James at those times when there was NOTHING we could do to get him to stop whatever he was doing. All I can say is that it will pass. sorry I'm not much help.

    And, finally, I love that kitchen! It is so cute...they will love it. :)

  2. Um, hello? 50% off Melissa and Doug toys, where? Also, you have to tell me what you bought since I had some ideas for the girls of the Melissa and Doug variety for Xmas. Oh and the kitchen is very cute!

  3. Wow. Iris actually might even be a better artist than EJ - and that's saying a lot :)

    I don't know about the agression towards Eloise thing. The irony is that Iris is one of the nicer, kinder children that EJ is friends with. I guess if it helps at all, my brother and I turned out just fine and he used to beat me up all the time (until I was old enough that it turned into us scrapping instead of me getting pummeled).


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