Sunday, September 09, 2007

Super silly Saturday

Yesterday was chock full of lots of my favorite things. In the morning I spent some (mostly) uninterrupted time in the kitchen preparing a delicious tomato and bread salad for lunch and getting the toppings ready for the homemade pizza I made for dinner last night.

After an early lunch Iris and I headed up north to a new friend's house for a tie-dying party. I met a mama named Meg from the MDC message boards last week Wednesday when she came to pick up some bottles I was giving away. She later emailed me to tell me that she discovered her sister was in my prenatal yoga class and was a mama whom I connected a bit with and really liked. What a small world! So, the next day I met them both and their children and three other mamas from MDC for a walk around Greenlake. Meg invited us to come up to her home on Saturday for some tie-dying action and I thought it sounded like fun.

So, I wasn't very confident of my actual tie-dying skills (and not sure I was hippy enough to pull it off :) ) so I decided to just dye all of the prefolds I have for Eloise. We met another mama there, who was pregnant and it was actually her due date!, and all chatted and dyed things and it was a really fun time. Iris played with Meg's son and they did really well. It was nice to not have to be on top of her every second. In fact, I would say I hardly interacted with her at all the four hours we were there. It was loverly! I had such a nice time working on a art project, being outside, talking with other mamas, enjoying Iris playing nice and not having a toddler (wha?!?! a toddler?!?!) to chase after. All in all, practically perfect. I suppose the only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been a cocktail in one hand, no? I wish I had brought my camera, as I was a bit transfixed by the bright cloth soaking in pails of dye. I took on the job of rinsing items out in the bath tub and my hands are a lovely shade of hypothermia blue now. Fun times.

When we got back home I whipped up a homemade pizza for dinner, which was super delicious despite being a little soggy. I looked it up online and thought that the reason for the soggy crust was not using a pizza stone or a mesh pizza pan, but a couple of friends said they have no problems with soggy crusts and they use a regular pizza pan, so who knows. Then Matt and the girls had homemade watermelon slushies for dessert while I had more of the homemade ice cream. I swear, I was freakin' Martha Stewart yesterday!


  1. Rock on with your bad Martha self...

    (sounds like a great day!) :)

  2. Wow! you are quite the crafty one aren't you? I wish I could get motivated to cook. I just haven't had it lately.


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