Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Today the table, tomorrow Mt. Everest!

Eloise learned a new skill recently. She hoists herself on to a chair and then from the chair on to the dining room table and then, of course, she stands there very proud of herself. It sounds sort of cute, and it was, you know, sort of cute, the first couple of times, but it's getting old quickly. You can't turn your back on her for even a second or she will climb up with lightening fast speed. You can't out-smart her, either. I have tried pushing the chair in under the table (ah ha!) but alas, she pulled it right back out (drats!). I then tried pulling the chair way out away from the table (ah ha HA!). My theory on this move was that at least if she fell from the chair she would have a lower probability of cracking her skull open than if she fell from the table. You know what my little Einstein figured out then? She pushed the chair right back over to the table (shit!). I guess that's the downside of hardwood floors, eh?

This morning, in the time it took me to go in the kitchen to dish up some yogurt and cut up some waffles for breakfast, she had pushed the chair over to the table, climbed up on the chair, climbed up on the table and was proudly standing in the middle of it.

Okay, seriously folks, what is the remedy to this?


  1. The Kidlet eventually outgrew that particular desire. But it took months of constant supervision. It drove me batty. Though admittedly, I was batty to begin with. So maybe "battier" would be more correct.

  2. yeah, i know this routine. uh. we turn our chairs upside down AND push them away from the table. she might be able to scoot them back to the table, but she can't turn them rightside up!

  3. Remove your kitchen chairs for a while and use folding chairs. You can put them away in between meals. It's a pain, but it really works. WE have a climber in my house too! He's a wild man.

  4. If you find a cure let me know!!!


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