Thursday, September 13, 2007

Unexpected lazy(er) day

Matt was able to "work from home" today (well, really, he did work!) and that's always a plus for me, because I have an extra set of hands to fend off unwieldy children while I do things like sleep in late and prepare dinner. Ah, how nice!

I met my friend Meg and her two little ones for a stroll around Greenlake this afternoon. Her son and Iris both rode their Kettler trikes while their mamas tried to keep them from mowing down everyone on the walking path. This was actually easier said than done. We stopped at the playground and about fifteen million times along the way for snacks and other various adjustments. Iris and Meg's son get along famously and it's so much fun to see. Meg brought the prefolds that we dyed last weekend and they are sooooo pretty. I can't wait to start using them on Eloise!

Last night my dear friend Melissa wrote me an email with some fantastic suggestions about dealing with Iris's sassy behavior towards her sister. One of her suggestions was a good ol' family intervention. She has done with her 3 year old and thought it was really helpful, so I sort of did one tonight over dinner. I talked with Iris about how it makes all of us feel when she hurts her sister and discussed the ways that she hurts her sister as well as the ways that she makes her sister happy. Then we discussed the things that make all of us feel happy. I don't know, we'll see. I want it to be the magic bullet! Melissa is always full of wise ideas for me.

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  1. You should take pics of your diapers...I'd love to see them. They sound awfully cute.

    Hope your intervention worked...that was a really good idea! (remind me of it, will you?) :)


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