Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend wrap-up report


Matt was gone Tuesday morning through Friday afternoon and man, we were glad to see him when he got home! We were both pretty tired from our separate, but equalling tiring, weeks and spent the rest of the day sort of juggling duties while the other rested.

On Saturday we went to the Puget Sound Birth Center's annual picnic, which was a lot of fun. We got super lost on the way there, but surprisingly ended up right where we needed to be despite getting way off course. There was tons of good food and a bouncy house for the kids as well as all of the playground equipment for the kids to play on. We were excited to find that a classmate of Iris's was at the picnic, as well! What a small world.

Today Iris and I went to one of her classmate's birthday party. It was a blast. The little girl's parents are so amazingly creative. They planned a "Midsummer Night's Dream" theme so all of the children came dressed up in fairy-type gear and there was a very elaborate fairy gathering and treasure hunt that the parents led. The kids really enjoyed it. I have heard through the grapevine that the parents were theatre majors, which would explain why they were so amazing at staying in character (they were Titania and Oberon ((is that right?!?!)) ). The parents were even entertained, we stood around and watched the theatrics!

Most of the people from the party were families I knew from school, but being that we were so new there, I didn't know any of them very well. I have such a hard time in situations like that. I ended up tagging along with Iris (who couldn't have cared less where I was at any given time) trying to get her to play with me. What is my deal? Why am I so socially inept in group settings? It's frustrating. Last time I went to a party without Matt I vowed to always, always bring him with me whenever I go to things like that, but this time we were gone during Eloise's nap time, so Matt stayed home with her. I feel naked at social gatherings without Matt. I need him to rely on in those kinds of situations.

This afternoon we all went over to our friend's house and caught up with them and all of the kids played together. We don't see their family nearly enough, so it's always fun when we make time to get together.

And, poof!, just like that, the weekend is over. This time of year it seems like every weekend is packed. Next weekend we're planning on going to the EMP because Saturday the 29th is
National Museum Day and you can get free passes through their website to go to many, many different museums. Fun!

I'm doing so good on our "no spend" challenge, as well. 14 days this month, so far, I haven't bought anything that wasn't a necessity, like gas, groceries, medicine, etc etc. It's been awesome because we had enough money "left over" to purchase some big Christmas gifts without putting it on the credit card in addition to being able to pay some other unexpected bills. It might be a little tricky to keep it up next month since Matt and I both have birthdays (it is the first anniversary of my 29th birthday!) but other than that, I plan to keep up with this plan!

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