Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend wrap-up report

Oh my, what a crazy weekend!

On Saturday we got up, got ready and went to the EMP because we had passes for free admission because it was Museum Day. Matt and I had been looking forward to it as there is so much cool stuff to see and a whole room devoted to playing with various instruments. We thought Iris would really dig it. Turns out we were dead wrong. She screamed and cried through the whole thing. Good times.

After we got home and relaxed a bit our friend Abby brought over her two littlest ones for us to hang out with while she took her oldest to a play. It was so much fun. The kids were about 18 months old and almost five years old. The apartment looked like a bomb hit it when they left, but you know, four kids in a small place, that's going to happen. I'm just glad we all had a blast!

Last night Matt and I watched "Knocked Up" and laughed our asses off. Go see it. Right now. I'll wait.

Iris decided she wanted to sleep with Eloise and I last night, so the three of us all snuggled in and it was a terrible, terrible night of sleep. Iris woke up every time I shifted or Eloise made a peep. Tonight she's back in her bed. Lesson learned.

This morning I asked Matt to take Iris to a friend's birthday party, which, bless him, he agreed to do. It sounded like a lot of fun. They had a "messy party" where the kids all stripped down to undies and played in paint, flour, noodles, coffee grounds, all sorts of stuff. When they were gone Eloise took an almost three hour nap, which was absolutely fantastic.

After Matt and Iris got home from the first party we all piled in the car and went to another party for a little friend's first birthday. The food was so yummy, I swear I ate half of the snacks. Also, the mama made the most amazing birthday cake I've ever seen. All from scratch she made a layered sheet cake and then on top was a whole farm scene. A barn made of gingerbread and covered in frosting. A pumpkin patch. A duck pond. A fondant fence. Seriously. The girl needs to go work for the guy from the show Ace of Cakes. Oh, and it was incredibly delicious, too. I hope they invite us back for more parties! I think my children behaved well. Of course, I wouldn't know, I was too busy stuffing my face.

As soon as we got home from party number two our good friends came over with their little girl, one of Iris's BFFs, for pizza. It was a nice little visit but I was dividing my energy between visiting and cooking/cleaning/baby-chasing so I'm not really sure what we talked about. It was the end of a long weekend. Now my butt is glued to the chair. It won't become un-glued until bedtime.

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