Thursday, October 04, 2007

The clinginess!

Eloise is a clingy girl. She is prone to weepiness and throwing herself on the floor very gingerly if she can't be, like, back inside my womb RIGHT NOW.

I have been dealing with this mostly by re-directing her, or walking around with her sobbing and clinging to my leg, or sitting with her a moment to appease her, then carrying on with one of the million things I do every day.

Some nights I will put her in the backpack so I can get dinner made without too much drama. That seems to work out well, but is kind of a to-do to get the pack situated. For some reason, It never really occurs to me to sling Eloise during the day around the home. I sling her out and about once in a while, but rarely at home. A recent post over at
Adventures in Babywearing reminded me that my Mei Tai is the perfect thing for this stage in Eloise's life. I can get her on my back and carry on with things while still meeting her needs for closeness.

I had forgotten the joy of babywearing a toddler. I didn't wear Iris for too much of her toddler-hood beause of my pregnancy, but I intend to get much more babywearing out of Eloise before she's far too big for it.

Thanks Steph for reminding me how important my slings still are!


  1. Yes, we deal with the clinginess too! It's hard sometimes and rather frustrating because sometimes you just want to say, "Enough already!!" I do sling Elisabeth when I try to cook. Right now she is starting to entertain herself for anywhere from 5-25 minutes. It's so wonderful. Hopefully Eloise will start doing that soon! I feel for ya...

    Oh, and I heard you wanted a header. E-mail me and maybe we can work something out :)

  2. Sure! Sometimes I need the reminder myself!!


  3. Ava Judge is like that too...she has been dubbed the Klingon. She will no longer let me wear her though :(

  4. Zoe - the nickname "klingon" is awesome. love it.

    Mama-san - i want to be back in your womb RIGHT NOW too. do you have any slings that i will fit in?

  5. I wish I could still wear Zachary! He's so dang heavy that it kills my shoulder and back. Seriously, I keep trying and everytime I need to go to the Chiropractor. LOL! So, wear her all you can before it's too late!

  6. P.S. That was me above, not my hubby!

  7. Oh, to wear a baby (or toddler)again. Enjoy it while it lasts. :)

  8. Many evenings, my Ergo is the ONLY thing that makes it possible to get a meal on the table and the dishes done. That, and many, many verses of Old MacDonald.

  9. EJ was very into physical contact until a couple months older than Eloise is now. We used the Baby Bjorn up until the 20 pound limit. She's still into physical contact obviously, but not as needy. I like to think she's more confident because she got lots of physical contact. Of course, the irony was that at night she only slept well in her own bed.


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