Sunday, October 28, 2007

Clothing is weird

Recently I've been buying some new clothing with the birthday money I got. I'm really hard to shop for and at 6' tall and 166 pounds, well, I'm not a small girl. For a long time I would go in to a store and automatically look for the largest size on the rack. Often I came home with everything in X-Large because I assumed that was the size I was. Shirts would be big on me, but still barely long enough, so in my head that meant they fit.

These days many stores are carrying clothes in tall sizes online (if you're a tall mama reading this check out the tall lines at and so I've been really excited about doing some shopping with all of the selection available to me. I placed my order with Gap and got everything in Large Tall. To my surprise, half of the things I tried on were too big! I found that insanely weird. Since when is a large too big for me?

A couple of weeks ago I went to Lucy for a pair of yoga capris. I probably tried on a dozen pairs (why does one store need so many pairs of yoga capris?!?!) before settling on my very favorite. Interestingly, the pair I ended up buying were a medium. The only reason I even tried them on in the first place was that I loved the way they looked and just wanted to see if maybe, possibly, they might work. Again, a medium. I am wearing them in this picture.

Now, the point of all of this is that I'm a good sized mama. There's nothing medium about my body. Are clothes getting bigger? What size are regular sized women wearing these days, X-Small?

Is this phenomenon happening to anyone else? Are you needing to buy clothes in smaller sizes than you normally do in order to have them fit the same?


  1. Okay, first of all, you don't look big at all! I mean tall, yes, but not at all big. You look totally average to me. In all the pictures I've seen of you, I've never thought you looked big.

    Second of all, sadly, I think America is making all of the sizes bigger because Americans keep getting bigger. They are just still calling the now bigger mediums "medium" instead of just creating some xxxxxx-larges. Does that make any sense? It probably sounds harsh the way I just said that, but I am exhausted right now and had a big ol' glass of wine, so there ya go :)

    Sadly, for us very petite mamas, clothing is going to become even harder to come by...

  2. See, I never mean like overweight big, but like, I have big boobs, wide hips, I'm super tall. I'm a bigger girl. Put me next to you and you'll see what I am trying to say :)

  3. I think its just because you are so tiny and demure Mamasan.

  4. Yes, clothes are getting bigger. I don't now what small people are wearing! I wear a six now that's as big as the size 10 my mom used to wear. weird! Even my pre-baby clothes are bigger sizes than I wear now, and I weigh more and have wider hips now. I think its called "vanity sizing".

    Those pants are really cute by the way!


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