Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Monday night fun

Yesterday at a playdate with our kiddos my dear friend Melissa invited me to come to a bar later that night to hang out because it was her friend's birthday. "Sure, why not?" I thought. What else would have to do on a Monday night?

It was about the most fun ever. It was a small group of girls who were SO MUCH FUN. I laughed, had silly girly conversation and drank, and well, it's rare I ever get to do any of those things very much, let alone all at once. It was also exactly the kind of night I needed to have, even though I didn't realize that until I was on my way home. Like my body was saying "ahhhh . . . " It is so much fun to go out with other mamas and drink, as well, because we are almost always with our kids and act, as Matt would say, "square". Last night? Not so square. So much fun.

Of course, today I'm paying for it. I wasn't drunk, though at one point in the middle of the evening I had a decent buzz. The girls and I woke up this morning later than normal, which led to a manic rush out the door to get to school. The rest of the day is a blur of chores and picking up all of the eight million things Eloise threw on the floor. I know you think I'm exagerating, oh, and believe me, I wish I was! And the crying. Oh, the crying! Eloise didn't get enough sleep last night and refused to take a second nap today so she is just walking around pissed. She did do her first official coloring today, which was alot of fun. It looks just like the first one Iris ever did, not suprisingly. Tonight I have to go to a two hour parent meeting for Iris's school, as well. Blech. I also feel like I've been puched in the kidneys, which is so weird. I have no idea why that would be. What a weird day!

In other news, Matt sent me a very funny text message about my suprise party. Unfortunately for him, it was supposed to go to someone else, not me. Ah, Matt. At least his heart is in the right place!


  1. Don't you love a good moms night out? Even when you pay for it the next day...

  2. Oh no! That's something I would do (about the surprise party) and I also know that you are not exaggerating about the crying and the million things on the floor. I am there, too.


  3. Wait until M-S blogs about PLAN B for her bday celebration. Its going to blow your cyber-minds!


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