Saturday, October 13, 2007

More excitement than you can shake a stick at

So yesterday was my 30th birthday. It started kind of boring and like a regular ol' day. I babysat. We went for ice cream. My parents had sent me a bouquet of flowers, which was very special, and my brother sent a box of beeswax candles and other sundries, which was wonderful and unexpected.

A little background: A couple of weeks ago Matt told me we were doing something special for my birthday on Saturday and my dear friend Melissa told me that she was taking me out to dinner on Friday, my actual birthday.

Okay, so last night Melissa comes to pick me up and we head over to a little bar for cocktails. We chat and she gives me a gorgeous necklace that matched the earrings I got for myself last weekend. She said that she wanted to go check out a new place for dinner, a Moroccan restaurant that she had heard about and was considering getting her husband cooking classes from for Christmas. Sure, I thought. Sounds okay to me. We drive over there and park and as we walk up to the door I was like "wait, those balloons look familiar. Oh, there's Matt. Oh, there's, oh my god! Everyone I know!" and everyone shouts "surprise!" and the kids are blowing on party horns and I am in total shock and eight million shades of red. There was a big spread of super yummy food and lots of wine. Some of my very closest friends I hadn't seen in a long time were there, it was so great. I wished I had had more time to sit and talk to everyone, but it was sort of a whirlwind.

At one point Matt comes over and says he has a birthday present for me and that it's in the car. So we walk outside and he stops on the sidewalk and pulls out a box. I was like, oooooh, what is it? And I open it up, there is a ring in a blue bag. He gets down on his knee and says some really sweet things that I don't remember because I was like "wha?!?! holy shit! oh my god!" and all of that good stuff. Of course I said I would marry him :) We walked back in to the party and most of the guests didn't know he was going to propose (a couple of them did, like Melissa, that booger!) so I got to hug my friends some more and show them my ring and do that girlie high-pitched scream thing that girls do. Everyone was very, very happy and excited about the news.

We ate some more, had birthday cake, drank some wine, hug and kissed friends good-bye and then I went with Melissa to a karaoke bar while Matt took the girls home to bed. Don't get too excited, I didn't sing. I called my mom on the way out from the party and she had already known that Matt was going to propose to me because he called my parents to ask for their permission. She was dying to hear from me and told me she had already been discussing with my brother that we would do our big family vacation out here next summer for the wedding.

It was an amazing, wonderful day. I can't even believe everyone pulled off such a cool surprise. A while ago I wrote in my blog that Matt had accidentally ruined a surprise party for me by texting me something that was supposed to go to someone else. He played it off SO perfectly that never in a million years did I really think that there was actually such a perfect party planned. And I was telling Melissa last night that she wins the party Oscar for executing her part so flawlessly. It's a little creepy that my friends are such good liars ;)

So far, thirty has been good to me. I'm one happy lady.


  1. Wow- this was the best post I've read in the longest time! Congrats to you! What a perfect birthday!


  2. how wonderful! congrats to you and Matt (and the girls too)

    happy birthday!


  3. w00t woot! cheers to you lady, you deserve it :-)

    all the best to you both (all!)


  4. Oh Congratulations!! Wow, what a great birthday! That the tops for sure.

    I had a surprise b-day party one time. I was like 9 mos pregnant cause Zoe was due 2 weeks later. My hubby and friends told me we were going out for wings and stuff. I had never, ever liked wings before but they sounded good for some weird reason. So, we had to stop by someone's house on the way. It was a surprise b-day party, I think I was 25. I just about had a baby right there I was so shocked!! And then I was pissed b/c I didn't get to go and get wings. LOL! Don't mess with a pregnant lady's food. But, I got tons of gift cards for massages and pedicures and clothes for after the baby was born. That was the best birthday ever!!

  5. Congratulations! What a memorable birthday indeed!
    What a wonderful start to your 30s!!!

  6. Hooray!!

    That is just the best news...I am so happy for you guys.

    What a perfect birthday! :)

  7. What a wonderful birthday!! Best wishes to you :)

  8. Congrats!!! What a great way to ask!

    and a Happy Birthday to you!!

  9. How exciting!!! Congratulations!


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