Monday, October 08, 2007

Today I've noticed . . .

A couple things I noticed today that made sad:

First I was driving to pick up Iris from school and was behind an Acura that had a license plate frame that said "Life is too short to worry about gas mileage". Yep, seriously.

Second was even more disturbing. I took Eloise and Iris to the park to run off a little energy. We really had a great time despite the fact that for the umpteen millionth time I misjudged how warm (or not warm, as the case may be) it was outside. Anyways, a father (I presume he was the father) showed up with two girls a bit younger than Iris and a babe in a car seat. The babe was maybe 6-7 months old. At one point the baby started crying and one of the girls must have asked why because the father said "She's okay crying. Sometimes babies just need to cry it out." and he totally ignored the baby who was in her seat right at his feet. The crying escalated to that sort of gasping for breath stage and again one of the little girls must have commented on it because he said (and no, I'm not making this up) "I'm not going to pick her up because that's a battle I'm not going to fight with her. She doesn't need to be picked up just because she's upset." WTF?!?! I've said it a million times and I'll say it again, why do people have children just to ignore them? Seriously, I don't get it. And who perpetuated the idea that you have to "fight battles" with babies? It also crossed my mind how are parents able to have such hard hearts to their own flesh and blood-- then I realized that they were probably given the same message when they were young that father's like this guy was giving to his small children-- and that is, a child's needs aren't important enough to be met. It's okay to ignore a child's cries.

It made me feel really sad. I secretly wished Iris would have asked me why the baby was crying so I could loudly respond "because the baby's father doesn't care enough about her to respond to her needs" but alas, Iris didn't set me up. We walked past them on the way out and I wanted to pick up the little babe and rock her in my arms. Shush in her ear and tell her she was loved and was worthy of comfort, but you know, that sort of thing is frowned on even more than allowing your baby to scream it's head off in a park while you completely ignore it :(


  1. That's heartbreaking. Why, indeed, do some people have children? I'm just repulsed when I see such things.

  2. Isn't it hard sometimes to just keep your mouth shut. Recently I was on a plane and the couple behind me had a 8-10 month old baby that was screaming her head off in her carseat. The couple made comments much like this dad-at-the-park's comments. I wanted to stand up and scream - Nurse that baby or give her a bottle! Pick her up and love her, what's wrong with you guys! But instead I just sat there, silently shaking. It's really hard.

  3. You are so right! Errr...I can't stand that either. Literally, I just sit and get pissed and wonder how long it will take. Maybe my staring make them feel guilty enough to pick up the baby. I can't handle babies crying. It's a wonder I amde it through Xander's first 6 mos of colic. Even though I could hardly ever get him to stop crying I never gave up and just let him lay there and cry. Some people are heartless.


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