Saturday, November 17, 2007

15 months!

Today Eloise is 15 months old. Wowzers. Every month I think, really? Really?!?! But you know, time flies!

Eloise has been full of all sorts of excitement this past month. Her second tooth is finally about halfway through, so we can no longer refer to her as the "One Toothed Wonder". Sigh, how clever was that?! She still doesn't have that many words but every so often Matt will tell me he was reading a book to Eloise and she repeated some animal names or sounds. I suppose I would know this all first hand if I read to her more (let me go slink off to accept my terrible mother of the year award now . . . ). "Mama" is still her most preferred word. She'll just walk around saying "maaaamaaaaa". She is practically running now and garners lots of "How old is she?" from other parents at the park when they see her scurrying up the jungle gym headed towards the slide. People also like to say to me "she must keep you busy!". Uh, yeah. Just a tad.

We got through a month of a dairy-free diet without any change in Eloise's coughing, so we added that back in and are now off wheat. At first I wasn't that concerned about the wheat but it's hard to just open the fridge or cupboard and grab a snack that is wheat-free but still soooooo satisfying. It's also hard to go places with this limitation. This morning we went to a brunch birthday party and all I could do was stare longingly at the bagels and cupcakes. Of course, once I hit my "Belly After Baby" yoga class after the party I was glad I was forced to avoid the carb-laden temptations. Later in the day Iris and I went on a date (more about the later) and I was the a-hole who had to make the woman at the cafe check the ingredient label of the falafel mix before I ordered my meal. I hate being that person.

Eloise is still very clingy, but she's alot more fun at times, too. She loves to dance and mimic Iris. The other day Iris was laying on her back and moving her legs like she was pedalling a bicycle. Eloise thought that looked like booty loads of fun and laid down next to her and started doing it, too.

Looking forward to the coming month!

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