Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All natural my ass

I have been on a quest to rid our home of certain undesirable food ingredients. I started with MSG and then moved on to high-fructose corn syrup. Every once in a while something slips in that I didn't notice or I have trouble finding HFCS-free alternatives, but I perservere. Anyways, around here we love Newman's Own lemonade in the carton in the refrigerated section. We drank gallons of this stuff all summer long. Newman's Own is famous for organic and all-natural products and in fact, the lemonade even says "all natural ingredients" right there on the carton. Well, you know what I discovered the other day? There is HFCS in the lemonade! Now, I realize that "all natural" is subjective, but in whose world is HFCS natural? I am so annoyed. Newman's Own can bite me.

Recently I found HFCS-free ketchup and BBQ sauce at Trader Joe's. I believe TJ's is a company that doesn't stock food with crap in it, but it wouldn't hurt to check the labels. It's the worst when you just assume something will be fine then you get home are like "wha?!?!?!"

In addition, I just wanted to point out how sweet and generous and thoughful my future in-laws are. We were visiting them this past weekend and every time we go there his mom goes out and buys all of the things they know we like, like avocados, organic milk and yogurt. She had milk in the house, but she knows we drink organic milk at home. We would have drank her regular milk, it's not that big of a deal, but it touches me to no end that they would go out of their way to get the kind they know we like. We really had a lovely visit despite not getting very much sleep. It's too bad they aren't a little closer (and aren't on the other side of a mountain range) because we could see them more frequently but be able to go home and sleep in our own beds :)

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  1. I am addicted to Newman's Own lemonade...I drink it ALL the time! I was also very disappointed when I discovered it had HFCS in it, and I had aslo just assumed that it wasn't in there since the rest of their products are usually free of all that crap. BUT, they just started making an organic version of their lemonade...sold in the same section as the original, just a slightly thinner carton. And there's no HFCS in that one. Thank God...there's no way I'd have been able to kick that habit! Look for it next time you're's just a great as the original.


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