Thursday, November 08, 2007


Sorry I haven't been on much. We have had computer problems which resulted in shipping our trusty laptop back to HP for repair and then the day it came home our internet went out. Finally it got fixed today but there's about a million things I need to catch up with online before jetting off for the weekend to beautiful Yakima to see the future in-laws.

I just had to share something about Iris that blew me away today. She was sitting in her chair eating frozen cherries and kept asking for more and more. I'd give her a few at a time. At one point she said "I want three cherries and two cherries" and I said "if I gave you three cherries and two cherries how many cherries would you have?" and she thought for a second and said "five!". Um, okay, I thought that must have been a fluke, so I asked another question: "if you had five cherries and I gave you two cherries, how many would you have?" and she said "seven!". I tried again with a couple more low numbers and she got it right again. Addition is something we never even talk about with her, but it is likely she learned the concept from school.

Mostly I think it's so cool that children really do learn on their own. I have heard so much about the theory of un-schooling and just couldn't wrap my head around how or why it works-- but now I have seen it in action.

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  1. I've been having computer issues too. Mainly, cat issues since she likes to chew on my laptop cords. Err...

    I have also hear dof un-schooling, and know a few mothers who practice that method of HSing. Theri kids are seriously geniuses. Like 9 yr old bookworming, computer programming, scientific experimenting, geniuses! I think different methods work for different kids, but hey, whatever works, right?

    Make sure you check my blog for my post about seeing Dr. Bob Sears speak last weekend at the LLL Conference on his new book The Vaccine Book. It's a great book to recommend to mothers who don't want to follow the mainstream Vax Schedule and aren't sure if they want to delay or be selective, etc...


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