Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happiness overdrive

I was in need of some time out of the house today so I decided I was going to go out in search of St. Nick's Day gifts (Stephanie I bet you know what this day is!). I wasn't exactly sure what to look for but Matt and I thought it would be nice to get some things to go with the kitchen set theme we have going for Christmas. I first stopped at a little toy store in my neighborhood that sells cool toys that are more natural (ie not plastic/light up/lead-filled). I balked at the prices of most of their kitchen stuff but decided on a few things for the girls. Then I went downtown. I don't often shop downtown because it's a pain to get around, but I had a gift certificate to spend at Old Navy, so I figured it was worth a try. I didn't find anything there, or at Gap, which was disheartening. I wanted to get the girls matching dresses, but dresses are hard to find this time of year, let alone ones my very picky older daughter would actually wear.

Then I remembered this cool store I had heard about from a couple of people called Daiso. It's a cool dollar-type store. Most everything in the store is $1.50, some things a little more. I ended up finding TONS of perfect little things for the girl's play kitchen. Wooden spoons, spatulas, tongs, melamine dishes, wooden crates, baskets, wooden salt and pepper shakers, bento boxes, tiny cookie sheets and cooling trays, measuring cups, my, I am sure I forgot a few things. I got a whole basket full of stuff for $60. I was in total and complete heaven. To make my shopping even more enjoyable the staff was playing the new Band of Horses CD which is pretty much the closest thing ever to perfection. Why Japanese girls in a Japanese store were playing this kind of music is a bit perplexing (and very stereotypical of me!) but it made me want to ooze all over the floor and stay there forever browsing and handling every beautiful little thing.

I came home and told Matt all about it without really saying TOO much since the girls were standing right there, but I can't wait until they go to bed so I can pull the bag out of the car and show him the goods.

The girl's eyes are seriously going to pop out of their heads on Christmas morning. They are getting a refrigerator, sink and stove plus we're going to set their table and chairs back up and stock it all with all the new play food and kitchen gear. I wish I could be a kid again! Of course, I get the next best thing, two kids in my home to play with all day long :)

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  1. I love Xmas and have enjoyed seeing Iris' excitement more each year, but this year she and Eloise are literally going to lose their minds when they see the kitchen set and all the cool stuff. I am so excited.


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